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It has always been said that it gets easier with time. Death, grief, mourning, all eventually turn to positivity and good feelings so we move on from what was lost. But there are no 5 stages of grief for 9/11. It just doesn’t work.

The truth is we have recovered and rebuilt. The truth is we still are the super power of the world.

The truth is we haven’t come back completely from 9/11 – and maybe we never will.

America has PTSD.

The symptoms of PTSD include agitation, irritability, hostility, fear, anxiety, and mistrust.

Do you honestly not know anyone with at least some of those traits?

It seems that in the aftermath of 9/11 we have missed a million opportunities to treat our disease.

Among the recognized treatments for PTSD is faith and therapy. Faith is- in part – believing in the good in people. Therapy is talking and listening to each other. We’re just not very good at those things anymore.

So what? So how about we look in the mirror and ask ourselves some tough questions.

– do I mistrust strangers with no good reason?
– do I anger quickly?
– am I too anxious…even about the little things?
– am I afraid of what ‘might’ happen to me or the people I love?

When we work on ourselves and try to get back to just enjoying life we put a big dent in our collective PTSD.

When we take the time to understand who is on the local school board and who we elect that most directly affect our lives we will put better people in office who deserve our support.

Life isn’t easy but it doesn’t have to be as hard as we have made it since 9/11. The legacy of that awful day is still tainted by Bin Laden and his band of cowards because we live under the cloud of what they did to us.

Let’s not give them that power anymore. Big things can happen when you start small so be more kind and less hostile. Be more courageous and less afraid. Be more open to others and less distrustful.

We are so blessed to live here in the greatest country on earth. Let’s love this country and each other like we did in those days after 9/11.

That’s how we’ll make America great…everyday.

Thanks for listening.

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