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Vintage Show: Builders Supply Outlet, Baby Safety, Vintage Trays, Flooring Consultant, Hard to find Candies

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Frank Fontana & Laura Allswang of Dstressed vintage trays. (David Miranda)

Builders Supply Outlet President- Tom Jahnke

Place that specializes counter tops, doors, flooring and cabinets. The store is unique nothing like in the Chicagoland area. 800 vanities at all times 40,00 square foot showroom. Upscale without being pricey

The Edge- Kitchen & Bathroom Showroom

Will be opening more throughout the city. Give people the experience of the high end boutique kitchen and bath.  The whole design is projected on 42 inch screens.

September Baby Safety Month- Dana Holmes, Founder of Metro Moms Club and Spokesperson for Brilliant Baby Products

Its goal is to educate parents and caregivers on keeping infants safe and healthy through their first years. The U.S. Product Safety Commission recommends that parents buy toys that are age appropriate and meet safety standards.

Vintage Trays with Laura Allswang

The challenge of taking items others have discarded, bringing new life into them and creating one-of-a-kind accessories, which are both personal and for the home. Completely transform a vintage piece of furniture while keeping the history alive and their memories intact.

Commercial Flooring Consultant-John Maugeri

Interior flooring services- a professional flooring company that wants to fulfill your dream of having your home lined with beautiful flooring. With educated installation contractors and over 25 years of experience,  They can install different types of flooring in a variety of residential homes and commercial buildings.

Vintage Candies- Sue Fanara, owner of Ma & Pa’s Candy in Long Grove

Hard-to-find candy that bring back memories from “when we were young”, and much more.  For over 30 years have been serving those around the world who have a sweet tooth.

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