The Download with Justin Kaufmann Live Blog 9-6-16

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Justin Kaufmann

peterzimmermanwgnam September 6, 20167:24 PM

Great to be back! We have a great show for you tonight including a special edition of Touche!

peterzimmermanwgnam September 6, 20167:40 PM

So great to be back and have Chris and Dave in-studio to talk about the “official” kickoff to the election.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 6, 20167:48 PM

We agree (219)

It’s about time there’s two views on one show

peterzimmermanwgnam September 6, 20168:24 PM

Check out Phillip Jackson’s work at The Black Star Project.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 6, 20168:26 PM

Great stuff from Phillip Jackson.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 6, 20168:31 PM

Thank you (773). We really enjoy having Phillip Jackson in-studio tonight.

You have some really awesome guests good work keep it up

peterzimmermanwgnam September 6, 20168:31 PM

Still to come tonight: Andrew Bird and Doug Plank!!

peterzimmermanwgnam September 6, 20169:10 PM

Doug Plank will be joining us weekly to talk Bears. Can’t wait for the season to start!

peterzimmermanwgnam September 6, 20169:31 PM

Great to have Andrew Bird talk about his career and show tomorrow night at Pritzker Pavilion.

Andrew Bird v2

peterzimmermanwgnam September 6, 20169:42 PM

It’s Tuesday so we are going to be playing #TheWorst tonight!! Claire Zulkey and Steve Delahoyde are here.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 6, 201610:29 PM

Some great #TheWorsts:

The worst: when you wake up late for work, shower, shave,
get dressed, get to work and then realize you have gone all the way to work
without shoes.


The worst? Going into work at the pharmacy on the day after
a holiday and having someone who works for the post office, and all the
holidays they get, complaining about us being closed on Labor Day…..grrrr


The worst are drunk people. I was at a Metallica concert
and felt some “spray ” on the back of my leg. When I turned around
the guy behind me was relieving himself.


The worst is when one of ur preschool students crawls in
your lap to whisper in your ear that they wet their pants!

Today that happened!


Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall Itchiness of Jock (Jock




The Chicago Bears common sence by letting Robbie Gould Go!!
Thats the worse.


In the worst is when you try to get off the elevator and
there’s 20 people standing in front of the door that stinks

peterzimmermanwgnam September 6, 201610:47 PM

Great stuff for #TheWorst!

The worst is a “buy one, get one free ” item at
the grocery store, but there’s only ONE of that item left on the shelf. You
can’t “get one free”.


The worst is when the deli worker doesn’t peel the package
down far enough before slicing, and you have to pull little shards of plastic
off every slice of cheese.


On Friday when I was wearing white pants and I started my


The worst is when your talking to someone who has to
continuelly get closer to you or touch you


The worst: those leg/calf muscle cramps that wake you up in
the middle of the night.


The worst is when your infant daughter projectile vomits
into the vent of your brand new car. Yes this really happened.


The worst is when you have Stapler’s Remorse and no staple
remover, so you try to take the staple out with your fingers but you have no
nails cuz you bite them and you can’t get your fat fingers under the staple,
front or back. By the time you get it off, you’ve ruined the papers. And I
don’t want Claire doubting me, this really happened!


The worst: 

When you drop a huge bottle of lotion, then accidentally step on it while
leaning over to pick it up, causing all of the lotion to squirt out all over
the floor.


Hi Justin the worst you fiind out the Mayor announced your
office is For sale

Garage trucks


The Hideout

Is up for sale.


The worst go to grocery or department store that has 20 or
30 lines in it and there’s only two or three open and people backed up waiting
to check out


The worst is when you eat an apple and then you have no
garbage can near you so you try to eat the core without anyone seeing you.


The worst is when you’re 50 and someone comments on how
much your daughter looks like you. Your “daughter” is actually your
47 year old sister!

peterzimmermanwgnam September 6, 201610:52 PM

Still more!

The worst is when you wake up in the morning and slip on
your puppy’s vomit.


The worst is. Trying to fall asleep listening to this
segment and cracking up at some of the stuff people say…and get up at 5:39 to
drive to Indianapolis


The worst: You’re a pastor officiating a funeral for a
person you didn’t know and find out after the service that you mispronounced
the person’s name through the whole time.


The worst is. Trying to fall asleep listening to this
segment and cracking up at some of the stuff people say…and get up at 5:39 to
drive to Indianapolis


The worst is when you’re making love to your wife and you
get one of those leg cramps

peterzimmermanwgnam September 6, 201610:56 PM

And finally:

The worst is when someone wastes 2 seconds of your life by
saying www before giving you the name of a website they’re telling you about.


peterzimmermanwgnam September 6, 201610:57 PM

That’s it for tonight! So glad to be back! We’ll talk to you again tomorrow at 7pm!