1st of 500 sensors now tracking city pollution, traffic in Pilsen

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Pilsen is getting the first sensors in a project that will install 500 around the city to monitor traffic, pollution and more. (University of Chicago / via DNAinfo)

HYDE PARK — The first two of more than 500 sensors being installed across Chicago by scientists are now up in Pilsen measuring air quality.

Charlie Catlett, the director of the Urban Center for Computation and Data at the University of Chicago, said Monday the Array of Things project is rolling out the installation of the first 60 of a series of sensors that will eventually go up around the city measuring air quality, traffic and a bevy of other data.

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“By this time next year from the sensors in the Loop, we could get a very good picture of the number of vehicles coming in and out of the Loop at certain times,” Catlett said.

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