Illinois Executive Mansion Architects, Backpack that protects gadgets, Ultramarathonist, Back yard camping, Wizard World

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Hannah Stanley & Phillip Vinci

Illinois Executive Mansion / Vinci Hamp Architects        

The lead architect for the second phase renovation of the People’s House. Vinci Hamp Architects are well-known advocates for preserving Illinois’ historic architecture.


FRANK’S FAVORITE: Back to School- Backpack that protects gadgets

Integrated with smart chargers, makes it possible to plug in and charge mobile devices without removing them from the bag. Temperature sensing protects your phone or device and the bag from overheating.


WONDER WOMEN: Edna Vazquez

First Mexican American women to complete the 4 deserts race series around the globe. How she found endurance in ultramarathons.


Back yard Camping Tips- Camping in your backyard is an easy and fun way for your family to spend time together doing something you might not normally get to do! Below are a few suggestions for your backyard camping adventure.


Wizard World- Jon Sable Max & Benny’s– Super Hero Cookies.