Paul Lisnek’s “Behind The Curtain” – A Governmental Affair

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Kathy Garver as, "Cissy" in Family Affair

The state government is a very active business and we all know there is something to get done. Recently, 700,000 citizens unknowingly ran into a problem with their drivers licenses due to a bill that Gov. Rauner vetoed. The result will lead to wasted money and inefficient energy spent by Springfield. Paul Lisnek broke down what this means for Cook County residents, and how it effects the election year by discussing with Cook County Clerk, David Orr.

(18:18) Child stardom can be a great jumping off point for a career or a propulsion into difficult times. Kathy Garver (aka “Cissy” from Family Affair) is one of those people who was lucky enough to use it as a positive, and she details it all in her conversation here with Paul, but also in her new book, “X Child Stars – Where Are They Now?” Some stay in the show business realm, some move to something completely different, like becoming a lawyer. Paul and Kathy touched on it all that graced our memories not too long ago and for their upcoming event together on September 9th…


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