Childcare and Camp Options During 2019 CPS Teachers’ Strike

Outdoor Upgrades, Landscape Design, Cryofacial and Cooling Systems with Frank Fontana

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Outdoor upgrades (David Miranda)

OUTDOOR UPGRADES- Landscape Design Brian Casey

Residential landscape design, construction and maintenance. Your landscape is a crucial part of how you feel about your home. How to improve their outdoor living space in a short period of time and at a good value.

Bill Lahtinen/Technical aspects of performing the work

Winner of multiple Gold Awards from the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association for landscape installations and maintenance. Do every task the correct way the first time and to look even better five years down the road.

Curnal Aulisio- Surprise visit to talk about Hollywood stars secrets to stay young.

CryoFacial Toning-  The process encourages the body to rebuild collagen and over time produces amazing all natural anti-aging results

The surface of the face is enhanced immediately as the pores will appear much smaller and all inflammation and “puffiness” in the face is reduced, or even eliminated.

“FRANK’S FAVORITE” SEGMENT: How to stay hydrated- Amanda O’Neil

Water Bottle with Infuser, it’s easy to stay hydrated throughout your entire workout especially for the spill prone and dehydrated avid exerciser. The angled straw gets to the bottom of the bottle, never leaving a drop behind.

 Results from CryoFacial-  Marialen Magaña Radio & TV personality/ vocalist of the Band LOS PECADOS (Sins of Mary)

Home Cooling Systems: Roy Kuczera, 30-year HVAC industry veteran

How to Choose What’s Best for You. Many people might be surprised to learn mini-split systems are a smart home improvement investment that is both energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

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