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A comprehensive Disco Demolition panel with Steve Dahl, Mike Veeck and Paul Natkin

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(PHOTO: Paul Natkin)

Dave Hoekstra visits with radio legend Steve Dahl, promoter Mike Veeck and photographer Paul Natkin ahead of the release of Disco Demolition: The Night Disco Died, which tells the real story behind one of the most prolific promotions in major league (and music) history.  They talk about the genesis of “Disco Demolition” and some of the cultural and economic factors in play with the “Disco Sucks” movement; Dahl describes why he decided to tell the story in full now, and combats the revisionist history that has placed the event in a racist and homophobic light; Veeck talks about the effect the fallout had on the Sox and his father Bill; vendors Bob Chicoine and Dave Gaborek join the show to talk about their experiences in the trenches that night in the Comiskey Park stands, and more.