The Download with Justin Kaufmann 7-13-16 Live Blog

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Justin Kaufmann

peterzimmermanwgnam July 13, 20167:09 PM

It looks like it’s going to be a stormy night but we’ll keep you company until 11pm!

peterzimmermanwgnam July 13, 20167:33 PM

As always, stay tuned to WGN for all the latest storm news. Rob Martier is all over it.

peterzimmermanwgnam July 13, 20167:35 PM

Check out the great work Mike Fourcher is doing at The Daily Line.


peterzimmermanwgnam July 13, 20168:02 PM

Nice from the (708)

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peterzimmermanwgnam July 13, 20168:05 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam July 13, 20168:05 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam July 13, 20168:09 PM

Check out Jessi’s book! So funny.

peterzimmermanwgnam July 13, 20168:19 PM

“Tomboy” Jessi Klein wearing a dress today.

peterzimmermanwgnam July 13, 20168:21 PM

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peterzimmermanwgnam July 13, 20168:21 PM

Incoming MMS Image from Unnamed

peterzimmermanwgnam July 13, 20168:22 PM

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peterzimmermanwgnam July 13, 20168:23 PM

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peterzimmermanwgnam July 13, 20168:23 PM

Keep the rainbow pictures coming!

peterzimmermanwgnam July 13, 20168:44 PM

High praise for Jessi’s book!

Great book! loved it.<3


It is good. I’ve been recommending it. And passing along
her NYT article.



peterzimmermanwgnam July 13, 20168:50 PM

The miss v. ma’am debate rages on:

I am a 54-year-old woman and I still get the occasional
“Miss”. It is usually from a man that is younger than me and it
flatters me a for a few moments until I question if it is “sympathy”
Miss– especially if it is someone waiting on me in a store or restaurant. Like
they know it’s a way to get on a middle-aged woman’s good side. I never get
“miss” from a young woman.

peterzimmermanwgnam July 13, 20169:13 PM


peterzimmermanwgnam July 13, 201610:10 PM

It’s time for “PickNick” and we’re picking nicknames for Joe Maddon and Theo Epstein!

peterzimmermanwgnam July 13, 201610:33 PM

Some great nicknames coming in for Theo and Joe!

For Joe Maddon: Joe the Brilliant Madman! YEAHHHH


Madden is the madster mind


Joe Madden- “Huggy Bear” He is cool just like the
character from Starsky and Hutch.


Joe Maddon – The Wrigleyder (as in The Leader of
Wrigley)…..Palooka Joe …..Captain Cub……..The Cubductor…..(as in
Conductor )….The Cub Whisperer….


If Theo had walk up music it with be Boz Scaggs “Theo
/ Lido” Shuffle”


Hw bout “Mad Bad Maddon”?


Killer . Joe


Madden – The Mixologist because he skakes up the positions


Theo and the madd


The Fixer for Theo


Cool Joe or Cool Cat Mad Dog!


Theo Almighty


Hannibal-because Theo loves it when a plan comes together.
A-team reference.


Theo is the Rain Maker! Cure for a drought!


Joe Madden… Papa Smurf… He’s older, wiser, creative and
fun…but respected by the players… And now he is true Cubbie blue, through
and through..


Madjoe Risin’


Leo the . Lion


Theo needs to be the whisperer or whisp since u really
don’t know what he is doing behind the scenes

peterzimmermanwgnam July 13, 201610:51 PM

More nicknames coming in!

The Architect-Theo


Epipen because Theo was the shot the Cubs needed to bring
them back to life.



Preppy Peppy or Pepe Epstein


Theo Epstein….The Theocrat, The Archbishop of
Baseball….The Biz Kid…..The White Huxtable…… (Theo from the Cosby
Show)….Theosaurus Rex…..


For Maddon: “Joe Mama Madhat. For Theo: The Hebrew Hammer
or Forrest Gumpstein – he always seems to show up when something good happens.


Master Madden (Yoda)


For Theo…


Takes the pain away!


Teo tthe . Lion harted


Nickname for The Cubs: Maddon-Stein’s Monster


Snopp Maddy Mad


Theo – The Cub Piper



Maddon-Hoody Bear…..Theo Epstein-The Ace of Baseball (cuz
he saw the signs…Ace of Base….early 90’s hit…I Saw the Sign.)


Baseball Sucks


The Mad Hatter


Or maybe just “The Sorcerer”


Theo “the mother ” eppstein


Theo the re-allll de-allll!


For Theo… How about triple “T”

peterzimmermanwgnam July 13, 201610:56 PM

Thanks for playing PickNick! And thanks for listening. We really appreciate all of your support. Talk to you tomorrow!