Interview with brand-new podcasting platform CEO

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Cody Gough talks to Kim Hansen of at Podcast Movement 2016

In this special bite-sized podcast, Cody Gough sits down with Kim Hansen of to discuss her podcasting platform and share some fun stories from her background in the video game industry.

Show Notes:

  • Cody thanks Buzzsprout for letting him use their equipment at Podcast Movement 2016
  • Cody introduces Kim Hansen, CEO of, and she talks a bit about and its features (“Twitch for podcasting”)
    • Learn about how can help with podcast monetization, live streaming and listener engagement, transcription with IBM Watson, and more!
  • Kim also used to work for Bioware, and has some cool stories about her time working on Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 (in addition to some other cool games that weren’t necessarily ever released)
    • Fun fact: Mass Effect 2 had the fewest launch bugs of any Bioware property (at the time it was launched)
    • Kim also tells an awesome story about the Xbox achievements in the first Mass Effect game and helping gamers with strategy
  • Kim also discusses her role in developing the game Everlove: Rose, a narrative game of romance and mystery that was shockingly well-received, for a pretty entertaining reason
  • What was her favorite part of visiting Chicago? Tune in to find out!
  • Learn how to connect with us on the GonnaGeek Network, syndication on WGN Plus, our YouTube channel, and more!
  • Game/Life Balance AUS official web site:
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