Sound Sessions [Full Show] | July 2, 2016

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Mike Heidemann and Kevin Richter [Sound Sessions]

Kevin Richter and Michael Heidmann host of: Sound Sessions on WGN PLUS; are filling in for Matt Bubala. Kevin and Michael introduce themselves and explain what Sound Sessions is all about. The guys speak about how influential music was for them growing up and the multiple concerts they attended. Michael’s dad: Michael Heidmann Sr talk about the music he use to play while Michael was growing up. “Corral The Band” discuss their latest projects and play tunes live in studio. What are your favorite guilty pleasures when it comes to music? Kevin, Michael and Corral list them. Former Head of The British Government’s UFO project Nick Pope joins us to speak about world UFO day and are we close to making contact with Aliens? Jeppson’s Director of Marking Sam Mechling talk about the folklore behind Malort and why its popularity is on the rise? Butch Vig, founder of the historic, Smart Studios in Madison Wisconsin talks about his work on some of the most influential albums of the past 30 years.


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