The Download with Justin Kaufmann Live Blog 6-23-16

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Justin Kaufmann

peterzimmermanwgnam June 23, 20167:18 PM

Can you believe it’s Thursday already?! Another great show planned for you as we get closer to the weekend. Enjoy!

peterzimmermanwgnam June 23, 20167:30 PM

Justin just came out with a shocking admission. He enjoys rosé! 

peterzimmermanwgnam June 23, 20167:31 PM

What a great view from the producer’s booth!

peterzimmermanwgnam June 23, 20167:31 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam June 23, 20167:36 PM

Text from (773): ARE WE ABOUT TO DIE?

Ground surrounding San Andreas fault line is rising and
sinking due to enormous movement of the plates wich is a early warning sign for
the biggest earthquake in the world

peterzimmermanwgnam June 23, 20167:44 PM

CPS teacher Erika Wozniak is an everyday hero.

peterzimmermanwgnam June 23, 20167:45 PM

More on Erika:

peterzimmermanwgnam June 23, 20167:53 PM

Great conversation about education with Erika Wozniak right now. Interesting text coming in from (912)

I’m an Elementary Education major at UCF. Retired Army. I
want to teach to help, but besides having a positive attitude myself, how to I
change the negative attitude of my future peers? They seem so down. The
question I seem to get the most is, “Are you sure?” When I say I want
to be a teacher.


peterzimmermanwgnam June 23, 20168:34 PM

Some texts coming in about the Bulls and their drafting of Denzel Valentine.

I don’t understand why the Bulls would be tempted to trade
Butler. That just doesn’t make sense to me.


Huge MSU fan here don’t complain you got Denzel Valentine
that’s huge


peterzimmermanwgnam June 23, 20168:50 PM

Mike and Alex from Closed Sessions.

peterzimmermanwgnam June 23, 20168:51 PM

Check out all the good stuff on Closed Sessions. Kweku, Jamila, etc.

peterzimmermanwgnam June 23, 20169:18 PM

Hey, it’s The Windy City Wine Guy! And he’s not making fun of Justin for liking rosé.

peterzimmermanwgnam June 23, 20169:18 PM

God, I hate this small TV in the booth. Is my beloved Texas Tech winning or losing?!

peterzimmermanwgnam June 23, 20169:21 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam June 23, 20169:23 PM

From the (217)

Let folk realize rose is not white zinfindel.. Rose
different n so much better! Great usual.. Thx!

peterzimmermanwgnam June 23, 20169:25 PM

From the (847)

I get the same grief because i like Chardonnay…im told
its an old woman wine but i like it….i say why don’t you stand on the
railroad tracks with a train coming while you think about what kind of wine i

peterzimmermanwgnam June 23, 20169:37 PM

People love the wine talk!

Bogle Wine, make both red and white. Fancy label. Good
flavor. 9-15. Pending where u buy. Try Mariano’s if there is one by u. 

Mary from Roselle.


Traverse city is wonderful…. Try an ICE wine….yummy

peterzimmermanwgnam June 23, 20169:45 PM

Can’t get enough of wine.

Suggestion for wine talk part two content – I submit to you
there are $5 wines out there that are just as tasty and good if not better
quality imho than a $15-$20 bottle. One example is Rex Goliath cab from Jewel.
I’m not a rep nor a commercial. I’m just a dude from Frankfort who likes the
Download and a good glass of wine now and then. I bring you guys a bottle for
next time wine guy is on if you want to run with this. Just lemme know when…

peterzimmermanwgnam June 23, 20169:54 PM

Ivan Vega talking about the fascinating story of Lolita Lebrón.

peterzimmermanwgnam June 23, 20169:54 PM

Check out the show!

Lolita de Lares

peterzimmermanwgnam June 23, 201610:08 PM

Have any old junk that you think might be worth something? It’s time for “Swap Meet!”

peterzimmermanwgnam June 23, 201610:19 PM

Some great stuff that Greg brought in tonight.

peterzimmermanwgnam June 23, 201610:23 PM

People have a lot of stuff!


I have a ticket stub from Cubs playoff game where the
Batman ball occurred


1969 Cubs World Series ticket. How much



I have a handcarved ivory chess set from Malaysia it was
given to me before the ban on ivoryabout 45 years ago



I have a plate from Marshall Fields Walnut Room: a Norman
Rockwell image of a man setting the State Streer clock


Subway Chicago Bulls horns hats from the 90s


I had rock strap a yellow one. I have mc donalds plates
from the 70’s. Lego space sets from late 70’s. Six million dollar man action
figures and shogun warrior 2 ft tall action figures


I have a 1993 ALCS Blue Jays vs White Sox game 6 ticket
stub. Toronto clinched that game.


Worlds fair match stick box

peterzimmermanwgnam June 23, 201610:53 PM

More stuff!

Really enjoying Greg the Dupage picker. Hope he’s on every




Justin…….swap meet is my fave segment too! Greg is


I have a poster that had the wrong title

Revenge of the Jedi for the first sequel


I ran into Steve Bartman in a bar. He signed a ball for me.
Worth anything?

peterzimmermanwgnam June 23, 201610:57 PM

One last one:

Michael Jordan white sox rookie card?

peterzimmermanwgnam June 23, 201610:58 PM

Thanks for listening everyone! We’ll talk to you again tomorrow at 7pm!