Do the Tragic Events in Orlando Prove That God Does Not Exist? And Can You Get Too Nuts for Nuts?

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Jones and Mike

The recent events in Orlando, Florida have Jones questioning the existence of God, and Mike questioning why the death of a single two year old at Disney World would weigh more heavily on him than the deaths of 49 club goers. As for fare of a lighter variety, the guys also discuss the foolish choices that people make regarding their more private affairs/ parts. The world is watching you Joachim Low!

Show Highlights:

00:01:07 – Jones questions the existence of God after a two-year old child is devoured by an alligator at a Disney World resort.

00:13:01 – Mike wonders why the death of a child at Disney World weighs on him so much more than the death of 49 club goers in the Pulse Nightclub.

00:27:46 – Ex-White Sox and former 2005 World Series Champion, Juan Uribe, too big for athletic support? Lets talk about it!

00:40:34 – Is it ever appropriate to monitor the smell of your own genitalia? (Apparently in Europe it’s more than acceptable!

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