Frank Fontana Full Show 6/12/16

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Frank Fontana & with Wonder Women Arabel Alva Rosales

This was a show where the night club massacre in Orlando Florida was covered.

Wonder Women: Arabel Alva Rosales wears many hats, with many jobs in the city of Chicago. Many which help the community.

 Anti spare tire theft: This piece can not be drilled. Dealerships and rent call facilities are losing upwards of 50 to 60 tires in one evening being stolen form their vehicle.

Rev. Mark Anthony Lord: Why is there so much hate these days? He calls out for each of us to go deeper within ourselves after the Pulse Night Club Shooting in Orlando.

Dads & Grads Perfect gift: Talk about original Dad & Grads perfect gift with @amdurproductions.

Anne Nordhaus Bike: Why is someone feeling odd one day, and fine the next? Frank Fontana’s house Astrologer talks about Orlando shooting suspect, Omar Mateen’s personality.


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