The Download with Justin Kaufmann Live Blog 5-13-16

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Justin Kaufmann

peterzimmermanwgnam May 13, 20167:17 PM

Happy Friday! Another incredibly diverse show! Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, Broadway stars, local comedians and, of course, the great Steve Gadlin!

peterzimmermanwgnam May 13, 20167:37 PM

Aerosmith’s Joe Perry talking with Justin about his new project with Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp called Hollywood Vampires.

peterzimmermanwgnam May 13, 20168:07 PM

Great conversation with Tony Award nominee Kate Baldwin about her role in “The King and I”

peterzimmermanwgnam May 13, 20168:18 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam May 13, 20168:19 PM

There is still time to see “The King and I” before it leaves town. Do it!

peterzimmermanwgnam May 13, 20168:24 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam May 13, 20169:16 PM

Hey, it’s Chip Lakeless in-studio!!

peterzimmermanwgnam May 13, 20169:57 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam May 13, 201610:05 PM

Just received a very nice text:

I love your show every day of the week. The “.frying
pan” is a great bit. Your guest is actually pretty clever in coming up
with new things and he plays his part beautifully. He is arrogant and stubborn
and, like a politician, he repeats the same selling phrases over and over
again. It is funny how angry people get with him I go to bed and listen while I
fall asleep but he makes me so angry that it keeps me awake. Great

peterzimmermanwgnam May 13, 201610:06 PM

And no, it wasn’t a text from Steve Gadlin.

peterzimmermanwgnam May 13, 201610:31 PM

The WGN audience is chiming in on The Star Wars Banana Peeler.

Banana peeler ok star wars not so much


May the common sense be with you. Someone has to be pretty
lazy to need a banana peeler. I say nay


It would make more sense to develop a smart phone app that
peels a banana.


First…You might want to get the name right…c3p0


1) no, everyone does not like star wars. 2) why would I
want to completely peal the banana? I want to gradually pull down the peal as I
eat it so that I don’t have to get banana all over my hands. 3) is it really
that hard for you to peal a banana? I imagine pealing an orange must be an
insurmountable task for you?




Is he trying to say C-3PO? Because it is an insult to Star
Wars to say CP 3 P




This guy is bananas


NAY…I just peeled a banana in 7 seconds. Why is yours so


Won’t the licensing costs cut into profits?


Did you know Apes peel bananas from the opposite end try it
it works great


I’ve said this before, this guy is an idiot. First of all,
Stupid idea. And to prove his stupidity even more…it’s C-3PO not CP3P!


Who peals 20-30 bananas for their kids lunch??


What an idiot. If my kid ate 20 bananas for lunch he can
peel them himself



Wait, u have a guest that doesn’t think any product with
the words “Star Wars” wouldn’t have to pay royalties!? You just lost
me as a listener… Wow guys.. Love WGN but you really messed this one up.


t’s C3PO Moron and he’s never been in star trek. And Stars
Wars is a trademark




CP3P…which droid is that?!



Every time you see the words “Star Wars” it is
followed by TM for trademark. Especially if you are using Star Wars as a method
to increase interest in the product.


Is this guy for real?


Transport in an R2D2 plastic case?


Why would you peel a banana for your kids’ lunch, by the
time they have lunch the banana would turn brown & they would not want to
eat it!!

peterzimmermanwgnam May 13, 201610:37 PM

More texts from the WGN audience coming in about Steve Gadlin’s “Star Wars Banana Peeler” idea.

Isn’t it c3po not cp3p?? Nay


20-30 bananas per day? No one should be consuming that much
of one food type per day. It’s not healthy in that quantity.



Okay I am up for new inventions just like the next guy. I
have 9 children. First of all if you know anything about children the main thing
they like to do is peel their own bananas. Second of all if you peel it and put
it in a plastic bag it will turn brown. Third of all good luck getting a child
to eat a banana and ketchup sandwich. Enough said try again. Awesome show:- :-)



This guy’s nuts, bananas are peeled right before eating.
Nothing about star wars is public domain, Disney owns it all. The robot’s name
is c3po


I think you might want to put this idea on the back shelf
which is where your peeler will end up


I think your inventor has been smoking banana peels …r u
serious ??

peterzimmermanwgnam May 13, 201610:46 PM

Is it CP3P or C3PO?

NAY!!A banana has it’s own wrapper, if you peel it an put
it in a plastic bag by the time the child gets to it, it’s turned brown and like to peel bananas.

Banana ketchup sandwich YUK!!



My young kids eat bananas peeled all the way so I say yeah
to this product. Is this a product that is safe for kids to operate?



The name and likeness are exactly why he can’t use it, he’s
trying to get buy for that reason, as he admitted


I love your show but I’m wondering why you let this lunatic
on to ruin it every week.




The product is brilliant. As are most of his ideas. Where
can I buy one?


Can the peeled banana then be carried in a Han Solo-Cup?
SueB /Glenview


No to peeler. Your dude is LAME this pm. Call Wendy’s
husband… He will set dude right.

peterzimmermanwgnam May 13, 201610:47 PM


Any machine you need to step back 10 feet for it to operate
should not be on your kitchen counter.


Wow Star Wars guy got mad


I bet Star Wars guy loses sleep tonight

peterzimmermanwgnam May 13, 201610:53 PM

A few more:


Call Jimmy MAC


He’s wrong, wrong


Get this guy off. Hes arguing what he doesnt know


I can’t handle Steve G’s ATTITUDE, much less his
inventions, he also argues too much!!

peterzimmermanwgnam May 13, 201610:56 PM

I don’t think this idea will pass the WGN test:

Can it be used for cucumbers, carrots or other veggies


What would retail price be? Prohibitive?


Disney doesn’t own the words Star and Wars, or Star-Wars,
or Star\Wars, or Star/Wars

peterzimmermanwgnam May 13, 201610:58 PM

And the last word on Steve Gadlin’s “Star Wars Banana Peeler” idea:

This individual travels
with zero intellect

peterzimmermanwgnam May 13, 201610:58 PM

That’s a wrap on the week! Thanks so much for listening. Talk to you on Monday at 7pm. Have a nice weekend!