Alcohol, Bacon Fest and Unwanted Sexual Advances

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Jones and Mike

Mixologist, Nikki Allen from Knife and Tine, stops by the Showcase Studio to discuss Bacon Fest, bourbon, and why Jones gets drunk so quickly. As the conversation and the alcohol begin to flow Nikki discusses her recent engagement, and the guys discuss the appropriateness of crying while popping the question. Perhaps it is the alcohol talking, but the guys begin to wonder if they are masculine enough to kill, and also if millennials have anything to offer society? (And then Jones slowly begins to pass out.)

Show Highlights:

00:01:06 – Mixologist, Nikki Allen from Knife and Tine, stops in to discuss Bacon Fest.

00:13:15 – Can men who cry during engagements be masculine? (Yes they can, but lets discuss anyway.)

00:25:06 – Are Jones and Mike man enough to kill?

00:35:22 – Jones thinks the youth of America has a lot to offer…Mike not so much.

00:44:22 – Is Jones drunk off Nikki’s bourbon beverage?

00:58:10 – Do women have to learn to get used to unwanted sexual advances?

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