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Experimental robots, brain probes now at Museum of Science and Industry

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The DEKA Arm is a modular prosthetic that can be controlled by electrodes attached to nearby muscles. (Sam Cholke / DNAinfo)

HYDE PARK — The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has brought some of its weirdest and most groundbreaking inventions to the Museum of Science and Industry.

The secretive agency in the Department of Defense brings in researchers to develop cutting edge inventions like humanoid robots, unmanned submarines and brain probes and has brought some of those inventions to the museum, 5700 S. Lake Shore Drive, for the Thursday opening of the new exhibit, “DARPA: Redefining the Possible.”

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“We work on high impact projects and that means high risk,” said Steve Walker, deputy director of DARPA.

The agency has brought in some very strange and impressive things and Walker admits the stuff that’s not ready to come out of the labs is even wilder.

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