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Justin Kaufmann

peterzimmermanwgnam May 4, 20167:13 PM

Time for a Big Wednesday show on The Download with Justin Kaufmann. You aren’t going to want to miss our discussion of the Lucas Museum with architecture critic Lee Bey after 9pm. Taking your calls and reading your texts!

peterzimmermanwgnam May 4, 20167:21 PM

Big Wednesday show planned for you on The Download with Justin Kaufmann! We’ll talk Lucas Museum with architecture critic Lee Bey after 9pm. Taking your calls and texts. Join the conversation!

peterzimmermanwgnam May 4, 20167:24 PM

The texts are already coming in. 

The Download is a festival of pretention, so I’m not
surprised Justin has this view about the Lucas Museum

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peterzimmermanwgnam May 4, 20167:44 PM

More texts coming in about the Lucas Museum.

Hi Justin, Completely agree with your comments last night
on the Lucas Museum. This is simply an attempt at a prime real estate land
grab. If Lucas, Hobson. Rahman and Pflager are so concerned about the affect of
the loss of the museum on minority students, then put it in a neighborhood that
would benefit those students. If the museum is to celebrate and educate people
on the cinematic/narrative arts….how about renovating the magnificent Uptown
Theatre. It could be done at a fraction of the cost and with the purchase of
additional buildings in the area such as the old Goldblatts store, this would b
e a great cinematic entertainment center. It is a three minute walk from the
red line and a cornerstone to revitalize a neighborhood. Also don’t forget it
is five minutes from the old Essanay movie studio on Argyle where Charlie
Chapland worked. Hobson and the political elite would not go for it… It has
nothing to do with children…she wants a prime lakefront monument to her
husband! Thanks, Ron Chicago

peterzimmermanwgnam May 4, 20168:04 PM

Great conversation with Adam Grant about his book, “Originals.”

peterzimmermanwgnam May 4, 20168:15 PM

Veteran journalist Linda Lenz talking to Justin Kaufmann about her career covering the news in Chicago. She’ll receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Chicago Headline Club on Friday. 

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peterzimmermanwgnam May 4, 20169:34 PM

More texts coming in on the Lucas Museum debate:

Not on the lakefront. Open spaces are important as well.
Could not agree with you more


I agtee with u. locate in the styate of illinois building
(thompson). it is for sale & looks like a space ship ( similar to lucas
plan) & need repair. thx casey


Mike from detroit again. You have a vibrant show, Buddy!
Wish i could hear u every evening.

peterzimmermanwgnam May 4, 20169:39 PM

Continuing the Lucas Museum debate:

Seriously, why chicago?build it in la,not one of these
tourist dollars makes it to the average Chicago residents pocket


Why not put it on Lakeshore Drive, that would give lots of
construction jobs move the road west and using public domain. What make the
lake so special an d beautiful is you can’t build on it, no exceptions should
be made. Thanks Joe resident of Chicago

peterzimmermanwgnam May 4, 20169:45 PM

Still more texts from people chiming in on the Lucas Museum.

Why not put the museum in the old post office?


Put it on the lake. Yours truly….michel st michel.


To add to my 1st text… replace the depaul gym by
mccaormick place witht he museum… no depaul students or alumni will attend
depaul bball games in that location… no one will drive on dan ryan traffic
for a depaul game


Stop asking tax payers to pay for crap that rich people
want for their profit

peterzimmermanwgnam May 4, 201610:05 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam May 4, 201610:08 PM

Spirited discussion with the great Lee Bey about the Lucas Museum.

peterzimmermanwgnam May 4, 201610:47 PM

Great edition of Character Flaws tonight featuring the amazing talents of Adam Witt, Sandy Marshall and Kate James.

peterzimmermanwgnam May 4, 201611:02 PM

That’s a wrap on our Wednesday show! Thanks for listening and contributing. Tomorrow we chat with author Rich Cohen about his time covering The Rolling Stones.