Saturday Night Special: Fanship, Philosophy, Music & Behavior

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On the heels of Prince’s death, Amy Guth and panel discuss what fanship really means, how we (or entire communities) can feel “ownership” over certain bodies of work or artists, and grief over someone perhaps we’ve never even met, including who has the “right” to grieve when we lose a beloved artist. It’s all about the intersection of philosophy, music and behavior.

Amy is joined by:

Dr. John Duffy, clinical psychologist and tv personality

Keidra Chaney, publisher of “The Learned Fangirl”

Jetta Bates, founder of Jettasetting Lifestyle Communications & star of Bravo’s new show, “Tour Group”

Dr. Omi Tinsley, who – among other things – teaches a Beyonce/Rhianna womanism class

Fredara Hadley, an ethnomusicologist researching the intersection of pop music & community

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