Finding a life balance with irreverence, exercise, and music: Game/Life Balance U.S. full show podcast

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Cody shares some exciting news coming from Illinois, just in time for the 4/20 “holiday.” Then, Jon discusses his child’s hilarious sleeping habits and his own personal battle with becoming a runner, and Cody shares his favorite hidden gems in the world of video game music arrangements and radio drama podcasts.

Show Notes:

  • Jon accuses Rob from Game/Life Balance Australia of being well-read and cultured, because he reads books
  • Current News
    • This episode was recorded on April 20, also known as 420, also known as marijuana, weed, pot, etc.
    • Jon complains about the internet on 4/20 because he is butthurt that Reddit wasn’t as fun for one day of his entire life
    • Cody shares the news that the state of Illinois has even further decriminalized marijuana, taking the state several steps closer to legalizing the substance, at least according to Cody
  • Joy of Parenting
    • Jon gives an update on his son’s “big-boy-bed” transition saga, which now involves an elaborate puzzle contraption used to hide a light switch, plus an amazing analogy from Cody that is basically one of the smartest things ever said
    • Cody also explains how The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD has given him a brilliant idea for making Jon a better parent, because that’s how life works
  • Life Stuff
    • Jon talks about training for a 5k with Couch to 5k, why this particular training is important to him, and how he feels about running in general
    • Cody explains his bizarre super-privileged neurotic mental block that has prevented him from exercising regularly for several months, and you will hate him after you hear it
  • Oddities
    • Speaking of video game music, Cody discusses Dwelling of Duels, a really awesome video game music web site that people should check out if they like live instrumentation of classic video game tracks
  • Cody raves about Friend of the Family, the newest member of the GonnaGeek Network, and insists that you check it out
    • Friend of the Family is one of a handful of shows produced by Strange N Unusual Productions, which produces radio dramas “that embrace the bizarre and spooky with a laugh”
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  • Podcast theme song intro/outro credit: ‘Subterranean Kamikaze‘ by Sixto Sounds, zircon, via OverClocked ReMix (
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