Texting/Suicide Case, Texas Circumventing Obama Immigration Policy, Female-Only Uber Competitor, Will Smith Murder, Charlie Sheen and a Dora The Explorer lawsuit in this week’s Legal Face-Off!

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Rich and Jason welcome LFO employment law correspondent Maital Savin from Bryce Downey & Lenkov to discuss whether a new female-only Uber competitor is legal.

They then welcome in University of Oklahoma Associate Professor Of Law Kit Johnson to discuss Monday’s hearing on a Texas statute that attempts to circumvent Obama Administration immigration policy.

Next Jason and Rich welcome criminal defense attorney Joe Cataldo, whose client Michelle Carter is charged in Massachusetts with involuntary manslaughter in her boyfriend’s death by suicide.

Finally, in the Legal Grab Bag, Rich and Jason discuss whether Will Smith’s murder was road rage or stand your ground, new evidence in the murder of Michael Jordan’s father, news on the affluenza teen, the hot car murder trial, Charlie Sheen child support issues and the Dora The Explorer vaping lawsuit.

All this and more in another action packed episode of Legal Face-Off on WGN Plus.