The Carry Out 4-4-16: “Major League Baseball has taken the fun right out of the first baseball game of the year by having both Chicago teams starting at 9 o’clock at night”

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The Carry Out is the nightly segment where Justin reads the newspapers so you don’t have to. Tonight’s top stories include the upcoming Wisconsin primary, conservative talk radio hosts boycotting Donald Trump, the spring session getting underway in Springfield, millionaires leaving Illinois, Mayor Emanuel recommending Chicago businesses giving 5 days of paid sick leave, CPS threatening to sue CTU, the baseball season beginning for the Cubs and White Sox, Jerry Reinsdorf being inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame, Scottie Pippen saying the Bulls would have swept the Golden State Warriors, the Blackhawks beating the Bruins as the playoff picture starts to take shape and tomorrow’s season finale of “The People vs. O.J. Simpson.”

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