The Carry Out 3-16-16: “Hashtag #ByeAnita hit up ‘L’ stations to shake hands this morning which is awkward because the hashtag has no hands”

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Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez walks through the lobby of the Leighton Criminal Court Building in Chicago. (Chris Sweda / Chicago Tribune)

The Carry Out is the nightly segment where Justin reads the newspaper so you don’t have to. Tonight’s top stories include the winners and losers of yesterday’s primaries, a busy day at the Chicago City Council, President Obama nominating a new Supreme Court justice, the start of the NCAA Tourney and the stories about lost productivity that go with it, the slumping Blackhawks, the Bulls holding on to a playoff spot, the Bears looking to get back to defensive football and Adam LaRoche retiring from the White Sox to avoid getting a babysitter.

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