Roberto Bolaño’s 2666 at Goodman Theatre (plus: Twin Peaks!)

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Cody and a very special guest discuss Goodman Theatre’s production of 2666, which they had the opportunity to see over the weekend. They also finished watching Twin Peaks, and have a lot to say about its final episodes.

Show Notes:

  • Game/Life Balance Australia has finally launched! Or, re-launched! …either way, Cody is excited about it!
    • Hear why Cody is now referring to his usual co-host Jonathan Martin as “Uncle Stabbo,” and meet this week’s guest host Casey
    • Cody reveals his true identity as a Nigerian princess, as discussed on Game/Life Balance Australia
  • Life Stuff
    • Cody and Casey discuss the book 2666 by Roberto Bolaño, doing their best to synthesize the plot part by part
    • Hear what they thought when they saw 2666 at Goodman Theatre, a 5-hour production adapted and directed by Robert Falls and Seth Bockley
  • Life Stuff (part 2)
    • Although Cody and Casey already discussed Twin Peaks extensively on the WGN Plus podcast You’ve Binge Challenged, they return to the subject to discuss the final episodes of the series now that they’ve finished it
    • Hear what they thought of the series’ decline as Cody asks: how can really good shows like Twin Peaks and Battlestar Galactica become so un-watchable so quickly?
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