The Federal Reserve, conspiracy theories, and political demonization

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An ominous snapshot of political conspiracies that Cody Gough took while playing The Order: 1886 on his PlayStation 4

Jon tells a hilarious story about a “free to play” game he’s been playing on his phone, and Cody discusses the strange things he’s found in his quest to learn about the Federal Reserve. Then, he and Jon delve into polarization and extremism in current U.S. politics before Cody goes FULL GAMER and reviews The Order: 1886 for the PlayStation 4.

Show Notes:

  • Jon tells a ridiculous story about Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, featuring a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR “micro” transaction
  • Cody discusses the book he’s reading, The Power and Independence of the Federal Reserve, and talks about his foray into learning about the Federal Reserve System… including how it somehow explains the assassination of John F. Kennedy (???)
  • Jon talks about The Big Short, which he saw over the weekend, and how it differed from his expectations
  • Cody jokes about the idea of doing a political podcast, then explains the resemblance between politics and playing a very complicated game
  • Jon brings up a good point about anti-establishment rhetoric in the current U.S. political environment, critical of a sometimes overly reductive and dismissive public
    • Both Jon and Cody take issue with presidential candidates and their supporters demonizing their opponents and making broad generalizations about people running for political office
    • Cody expresses reservations about Donald Trump as a human being, and asks deep, impactful questions about human nature
  • Life Stuff
    • Jon is hosting a gigantic family get together in his new house this weekend, and he’s pretty excited about it
    • Result: rampant references to Full House and Too Many Cooks, followed by an aside about how Jon’s son constantly gets him sick
    • Valid question: would Jon rather change a diaper, talk to Cody, or change Cody’s diaper? Riveting conversation, plus smoothies
  • Full Gamer
    • Cody reviews The Order: 1886, a PlayStation 4 exclusive video game he actually finished (!!!), by first focusing on the plot, and then how the in-game violence affected his experience
    • Were movies / cinema ever called “talkies?” Learn the answer in this piece of edutainment!
    • Cody and Jon discuss the pros and cons of quick time events
  • Cody plugs a cool Amazon price tracker tool called camelcamelcamel, and explains why he used it to buy a copy of Wrestlemania X-Seven
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