Competitive gaming in high school: Project M and Team Fortress 2

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A photo of MELEE-FC Diamond, a Smash Bros. Melee tournament in South Bend, Indiana, July 2007 (photo by Cody Gough)

Cody and Jon are joined by a very special guest to discuss his experience with the competitive video game scene, including how to balance such a hobby with the rigorous demands of high school (!!!).

Show Notes:

  • Cody and Jon welcome Chris Long to the podcast, a long-time listener of the podcast eager to share his experience with competitive gaming
  • Life Stuff
    • Chris talks about his experience building robots for robotics competitions, then makes Cody and Jon feel really old by talking about some other awesome high school things
    • Jon asks the question on everyone’s mind: why didn’t Space Ghost get a really cool streaming treatment?
  • Full Gamer
    • Chris talks about how he got into the Smash Bros. Brawl: Project M tournament scene, then talks Team Fortress 2
    • Hear Chris explain how much time it takes him to organize and manage a Team Fortress 2 team, and how the seasons are structured
    • Yes: he schedules scrimmages, too. Hear what that’s like, including major challenges and roles for his team
    • Cody doesn’t understand why Chris doesn’t just build a robot to build him a computer, but apparently there’s a good reason why that’s a terrible idea
  • Life Stuff (again)
    • Jon tells a story about how his son has entered major meltdown mode, and how parenting apparently becomes difficult when you cannot physically stop a human being from constantly screaming nonstop
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