WGN Radio Classic Christmas Programming

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Some classic Christmas memories from WGN Radio history

Christmas Newscast What if modern radio newsgathering techniques were available over 2000 years ago? This classic recording offers one possibility of how coverage of the first Christmas might have sounded. (The Christmas Newscast was originally produced in 1969, the creation of newswriter Jim Disch and host Dick Lashbrook. Disch was just beginning what would be a 30-plus year career with Tribune Company. The recording heard here is a slightly revised version produced in 1976. Among the voices on the segment are Carl Greyson, Jim Loughman, Orion Samuelson, Max Armstrong, and Floyd Brown. According to Disch, “I wrote and produced it because I thought it would be a meaningful Christmas message which would work best on radio, a medium that can capitalize on the listener’s imagination. The response from listeners (calls and letters) the first time it aired was more than I ever expected.”) (14:31)

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Christmas Is… with Carl Greyson A classic mix of words and music. (24:18)

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Letters to Santa with Roy Leonard Roy is joined by a special guest for this sweet and touching classic segment. (11:10)

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