Would you sell all of your physical video games?

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Photo credit: Michel Ngilen via Flickr

Photo credit: Michel Ngilen via Flickr

Jon sold his entire collection of physical copies of video games and consoles, insisting that they have no value in a world where digital games reign supreme. Cody discusses the pros and cons of selling your video games, and he and Jon’s significant others join the conversation with some surprising perspectives on collecting things and the value of physical objects. Tune in for the final episode of Unqualified Gamers before Cody and Jon move on to their next venture, Game/Life Balance U.S.!

Watch the uncut video of this episode on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFCIEsQUzKs

Photo credit: Michel Ngilen via Flickr

Show Notes:

  • Cody and Jon explain the saga of why Jon decided to sell all of his video games
  • Jon’s wife Casey argues that it was a terrible decision for several reasons, including that the decision was made too quickly and that now he’s lost a sense of history from his game collection
  • Cody’s girlfriend Casey talks a bit about the relationship between objects and at what point something becomes a “collection”
  • Jon debates the utility of simply “having objects” while his wife insists that there’s a connection to those objects that make them more significant
  • Cody and Jon both reminisce about some of their fond memories of games, and how much the physical games have to do with the memories associated with them
  • Jon’s wife Casey argues that if only digital copies of things matter, then why not just take pictures of everything and get rid of the physical objects?
  • Jon and his wife make fun of people who shut down their computers… which Cody admits he does, basically all the time
  • Cody offers his Diablo II display case to Jon’s household to make everyone feel better about him getting rid of all of his games, but they instead tentatively settle on a copy of International Track & Field for Playstation
  • Cody brings the conversation back around to Steam libraries and collecting games, including the guilt induced from purchasing new games when there are dozens of un-played games in a game library
  • Jon reveals one of at least one games that he DID keep, despite selling the vast majority of his collection, and explains why: lack of emulation
  • With some of the money he made from selling all of his games, Jon bought a brand-new computer and built it by himself for the first time ever! Hear how smoothly it went
  • Cody laments that he has a bunch of old NES games in excellent condition, but they aren’t worth anything—even Castlevania II: Dracula’s Curse in great condition
    • Jon discusses the role of emulation in game valuation, and Cody talks about other weird video game artifacts he’s recently found
  • Cody and Jon look back at the last 4 years of Unqualified Gamers (which started in January 2012, even though they say it started in January 2011) and reflect on the last few years of adventures together
  • Cody thanks many of the listeners and contributors who supported Unqualified Gamers over the years, including the GonnaGeek Network, and he and Jon thank everyone for being so positive and awesome
    • Always providing content, Cody explains what listeners can expect in the weeks leading up to the premiere of their new podcast in January 2016
  • Cody and Jon explain why they’re ending Unqualified Gamers and recount the incredible story behind the name of their new podcast, Game/Life Balance U.S. Then hear what to expect when it launches!