Who needs Rotten Tomatoes? It’s time for Movie Review Monday with Nick!

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Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell stars in Ash Vs. Evil Dead

Look, it’s cold outside – why not take a break from your running/outdoor chess/bird watching club?  Head to the great indoors and catch yourself a flick.  Yeah, we know there’s plenty to choose from this year.  That’s why Nick calls in the big guns for this episode – movie critics Erik Childress and Collin Souter.  Were you thinking of seeing Frankenstein?  Find out here.  How about two Tom Hardy’s?  We’ll review the film Legend.  Also, was the The Good Dinosaur really that good?  Tune in!  Oh, and of course Nick and company will talk about Creed, the latest installment in the Rocky series.

Nick also wonders if we’re living in the golden age of television.  He’ll talk about a bunch of shows, but more importantly, he’ll talk about Ash Vs. Evil Dead.  Groovy.  This is one episode that will leave you saying KLATOO VERATA NICT…ehh..??

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