11/02/2015 Full Show Podcast: Patti Vasquez: (Dr Peter Sacco, Brandon C Price, Dr Brian Russell and Russ McKamey)

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Brandon C Price and Patti Vasquez

Patti opens the show up with how nice the weather is and how she found it funny a guy she works out with, wanted to rush home and do laundry so it can “line dry”. Patti reminisces on how “line drying” affected her child hood and other laundry troubles. Esmeralda Leon reveals that she uses a small Panda Machine; which is a portable washing machine. Esmeralda educates both Patti and Rob Martier about this machine. Patti introduces producer Shaunta Garth to the show. Guest Dr Peter Sacco joins the program to explain how the internet has affected our social lives and what would happen to society if we no longer had it. During the second hour Brandon C Price of Vamp Chicago  joins Patti in the side car. Brandon and Patti talk Halloween, the 2015 World Series and the Chicago Cubs chances in 2016. Dr Brian Russell joins Patti to talk about the age of entitlement. Brandon and Patti discuss presidential candidates and how voting should become important again. Patti takes calls from listeners who have issues with our local politics. In the last half hour, Russ McKamey from Mckamey Manor joins Patti to explain why his manor is not as violent and vulgar as it is being portrayed in the media.

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