Brian Noonan Full Show October 25, 2015: Zombie Squirrel, Michael Jordan Mansion, Zaqistan, John Kass on Halloween Candy & Karen Conti Law Advice.

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Brian talks about the dead squirrel he found in front of his home that disappeared before he could dispose of it. Brian feels the squirrel has become a zombie. WGN News Man: Roger Badesch tries to debunk Brian’s zombie theory by offering up the explanation that an animal could have taken the squirrel away. Michael Jordan real estate agent releases two commercials to sell Michael Jordan’s mansion. Brian feels the commercials are mocking other homes and turning Michael Jordan’s mansion into a bully. Fans of Lamar Odom are offering to give him one of their Kidneys; Brian weighs in on this. Zaq Landsberg joins Brian to explain why he created his own ‘sovereign nation’ in Utah. Brian and Roger have a bone to pick with Chicago Tribune Columnist John Kass on his recent column: Don’t give crappy Halloween candy — or to the rat pit you go. Karen Conti joins Brian to give legal advice to listeners.