The Art of Podcasting / Josh Clark & Chuck Bryant of “Stuff You Should Know”

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Josh Clark & Chuck Bryant (Twitter)

These are the times of the “Great Podcast Renaissance.” Podcasts are everywhere, this decade-young media form growing into it’s prime as each day passes. To dig into the art of it all, it only made sense to chat with two of the frontmen in this audio movement.

Josh Clark and Charles W. “Chuck” Bryant are the hosts of the “Stuff You Should Know” podcast from How Stuff Works and Discovery, responsible for almost 800 episodes and 15 billion downloads. The podcast covers stuff you should know about…well, everything from lion tamers to the history of Pez.

Rachel Woodall chats with Josh and Chuck about the art of podcasting, their research processes, their stage show, and their tips for a successful podcasting career. They debunk Wiki-rumors and share their favorite factoids from over the years. This and more, on our special podcast about podcasts!

Check out Stuff You Should Know! Episodes, blogs, and more content on their website here.

Link to the NY Magazine article referenced in the podcast here.

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