Childcare and Camp Options During 2019 CPS Teachers’ Strike

Volkswagen The Dog

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Cars are parked in a Volkswagen dealer in Milan, Italy, Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015. German media report that Volkswagen received warnings years ago about the use of illegal tricks to defeat emissions tests. The automaker admitted last week that it used special software to fool U.S. emissions tests for its diesel vehicles. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno)

Legal experts say the German automaker is likely to face significant legal problems, including potential criminal charges, arising from its admission that 11 million of its diesel vehicles sold worldwide. When a company is entering this level of crisis mode, it’s important that they turn to the right crisis management team – for most, that team is headed by Steven Fink, the nation’s leading expert in crisis management, and a true pioneer in the field.
He is the author of the seminal work on the subject: Crisis Management: Planning for the Inevitable, which remains to this day the most successful and widely-read book on crisis management ever published. And, he’s the President of Lexicon Communications Corp., the nation’s oldest and most experienced crisis management firm.
Fink has frequently been featured as an expert crisis management commentator on leading news outlets around the world, such as “Nightline,” The NBC Nightly News, The TODAY Show and CNN.


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