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JP Presser…Bears: “It’s The Same Old Song”

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Nuccio DiNuzzo / Chicago Tribune Cornerback Terrance Mitchell is unable to stop Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald from scoring a touchdown late in the second half.

In last week’s Presser, I stated that even in the loss to the Team from Wisconsin, the Bears had some positive things to build on. After Sunday’s game it appears the foundation has a few more cracks in it than originally thought; it might be time to pour some new concrete. The Bears took some major steps backwards and we all expected that, I just didn’t expect that many steps. I felt that their week two match up against the Cardinals would be tougher than the team from Wisconsin and we saw that on the field. Yesterday was eerily familiar to the 2014 Chicago Bears. At one point in the game, I had to rub my eyes and make sure Marc Trestman wasn’t on the sideline.

What make matters worse is that Jay Cutler would leave the game with a reported hamstring injury, after he was trying to stop Tony Jefferson from returning an interception for a touchdown. Wow, after reading what I just wrote I can’t help but shake my head. Before leaving for the locker room Cutty was pretty solid going 8 for 8 for 120 yards and 1 TD. He would also leave the game leading the Bears in yards on the ground with 24 yards. Like the Four Tops song, “It’s the Same Old Song” when it comes to Cutler. He will show you the “Goodies”, like Ciara, and then throw a pick which turns into a “Beautiful Disaster” by 311.

I’ve been a Cutler supporter and I still want him to do well, but I refuse to believe for a minute he will ever change as a QB. It’s kind of sad because he could be the best QB the Bears have ever had in terms of skill set and his numbers, but he will never have anything to show for it. Now, the Bears will have to rely on Jimmy Clausen to lead this team to a win. My prediction is Cutler haters are going to be wishing for his speedy recovery.

The Bears defense looks lost, and in some ways similar to last year, when this teams was under the watch of Mel Tucker. Cards QB, Carson Palmer, threw for 185 yards with 4 touchdowns and 1 INT on the day. He would finish the game with a passer rating of 115.5. It’s not good when you have to dig deep to find a defensive player that had subpar day to talk about. The Bears defense has lots of work to do.

The penalties that the Bears committed yesterday are a glaring problem for a team that can’t afford them ….at all! They ended the game with 14 penalties for 170 yards. Yes, I just wrote 170 yards! 80 of those yards came from the struggling Bears secondary. Kyle fuller and Alan Ball both were both flagged on plays that would lead to TD’s for Arizona. The sad thing is that in the fourth quarter Kyle Fuller was benched for Terrence Mitchell. It’s seems just like yesterday the talk around Chicago was he was the future at the cornerback position. Wow, how times have changed.

Let’s call a spade and spade; the Bears were bad in all 3 phases of the game. Can things get better for this team? If you asked me last week I would say yes, but it’s left to be seen after the outing this week. The task won’t be any easier headed into week 3 as this team has to go out west and play the Seahawks in their place. No Bears fan thought rebuilding would be easy, but sometimes it’s tough to watch. I was just checking the forecast for next week Sunday in Seattle; it says 85 percent chance of tough times ahead. Bears fans better make sure you have your umbrellas ready. #BearDown

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