Top Five@5: A hunger strike on the South Side, a dad loves his kid’s choice in dolls, Donald Trump turns on Oreos, and more

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Top Five@5 for August 27, 2015

5) Jorge Ramos is mad at Donald Trump for throwing him out of press conference, even though Trump says security made the call.


Bonus Cut) Megyn Kelly takes a shot Donald Trump, via her husband.

4) Protestors in Chicago staged a hunger strike to save Bronzeville’s Dyett High School, and CTU vice president Jesse Sharkey updated reporters on the condition of one hospitalized protestor.

3) A dad in California was surprised when his 4-year-old son chose a “Little Mermaid Doll” at a toy store and took the opportunity to encourage his son’s individuality.

2) Joy Behar is returning to The View and she is beyond excited to talk about a certain issue in the news.

1) Donald Trump is swearing off Oreos because they are un-American.


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