Brian Noonan Full Show August 9, 2015 (Patrick Kane, Netflix maternity / paternity leave, parental praise)

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RAW: Patrick Kane positive about Hawks’ repeat chances

Brian talks about the public’s response to the Patrick Kane rape allegations; Producer Cody Gough talks about his experience at Gen Con 2015; Brian addresses the problem with praising your kids too much; Netflix and Microsoft have introduced radical paid parental leave policies, and Brian can’t for the life of him understand why anyone would be upset about it; a Staten Island lawyer suggests ‘trial by combat’ to solve a civil suit, and Brian has a lot to say about it (even though he apparently falls asleep whenever he tries watching Game of Thrones); the new Fantastic Four movie got terrible reviews, and Brian is very upset at Hollywood; and Brian has a field day with an idiot took a selfie while being arrested. Plus: Karen Conti answers legal questions and talks about rape kits, the legal facts about the Patrick Kane case, and touches on a terrible story about statutory rape that Brian can’t believe came out of Indiana.

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