Game/Life Balance U.S.

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Jonathan Martin and Cody Gough

Game/Life Balance U.S.
with Cody Gough and Jonathan Martin

Game/Life Balance U.S., the American edition of the Game/Life Balance podcast, is a lifestyle podcast from adult gamers trying to juggle their hobbies with the increasing demands of the “real world.” The show is hosted by Cody Gough, producer of the Brian Noonan Show on WGN Radio since 2008, and his friend Jonathan Martin, who co-hosted the Unqualified Gamers podcast with him for 4 years. 

Listen each week to catch up on what Cody, Jon, and a variety of recurring guests have been up to lately, whether it’s saving the world from space aliens or learning how to change a diaper. You can also find the podcast at, where you can connect with the show on YouTube, iTunes, Stitcher, and more—and don’t forget to check out the original Game/Life Balance podcast hosted by some like-minded folks on the other side of the globe in Australia!


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