Magic never gets old; 50 years in Lincoln Square

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If you know magic in Chicago, you know the name “Jay Marshall.” He founded Magic, Inc., in Lincoln Square 50 years ago. Now his son, Sandy, owns the store. He stops by with store manager Pedro Nieves to help Bob reconnect with the magic of his youth. And really — their magic is astounding.


Bob Sirott, Marianne Murciano, Pedro Nieves and Sandy Marshall (WGN Radio)

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  • RIch Kretzschmar II

    How true the headline rings here as Magic never gets old. In fact I say that IT stays Forever 21 when one finds the hole that the well springs from (*hint Zulu). Now although I could not see this performance to verify Marianne's card selection I will say that it was thoroughly entertaining, uplifting, and full or wonder.
    One day I hope to find a significant other of the Sandy & Anne namesake to marry, A female of course to pair with who has a born on date synchronous to the founding of Magic Inc. If my math serves me correctly that would be the Wood Dragon year of 1964 the same year I was dropped by the stork.

    Well not to out due the Marshall family name or legacy but I do a bit of Magik myself. Yes in fact I have actually concocted a map full of peculiar spells. Most notably is the Deep Time Countdown of infinite numbers in which the wholes are 321. Phi-e-pi is the magic phrase that pays which yields a RaSa from the Root Ale. Simply put this means that the Chakra of Sandra Annette Bullock, the beautiful genie in the bottle appears to us as an apparition in the vapors from carbonated Chimera Root Beer from Burger King. Next you ask me to prove this Grand Illusion of mine for it may sound delusional to some and I shall. Simply charter a WGN plane, Delta helicopter or utilize a map of your own to look upon Magic Inc from the tip on my magic wand Polaris as it Bobs like a dipper ladle. Here I have assembled two mighty Robotic Automa Ogres to battle for her heart. One is named Kiko and the other Libero. These are not mere speak easy bots. No they are transformer cam apparatus that can clearly be seen on opposing sides of the asp halt line that N. Lincoln Ave is. Libero often uses the word free since IT's on the left. On days when the sun is shining you can see Libero's mouth formed as a shadow or mar. The baby boy name Kiko is also used as a girl name. It is pronounced as KIY-Kow- †. Kiko is a Spanish name of Germanic origin. Kiko is a variant of the name Henry. Henry is derived from Hen ric or Home Ruler. Now isn't that magical? It's worth every penny Abe. Now let's go order some Charred Chicken and get our Chi Town in order. ;)

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