Sheriff Dart: a more humane, less expensive way to care for the mentally ill

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Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart joins Rick Pearson on the Sunday Spin. He discusses the fact that he feels he runs the largest mental health facility in Illinois…and is not equipped to do so. Illinois budgeting has competing priorities, and the mentally ill prisoners have gotten the short end of the stick. He discusses his ideas on rectification and more:





  • John Bonini

    Sheriff Dart a refreshing progressive law enforcement official who should buy up a block of property next to the jail. That area should not be cost prohibitive to purchase, put up a mental health center with a job resource center next to it. Long time since I've been in Chicago but I do remember smaller building's on the extreme South side of the jail complex next to the street perhaps they could be converted to "?".
    Why of all the unions in Chicago, why dont they have a central trade school where anyone can enroll and providing you pass, become a tradesman. Lack of a decent paying job makes crime more attractive.

  • Mary Brickley

    Thank you for having Sheriff Dart on your program.
    I previously worked at a state operated facility that was closed a few months after Tinley
    It saddens me that people with mental illness not getting the care that they need and deserve.
    The state is in the process of closing Murray which is home to people with intellectual disabilities.
    Very sad that these state facilities are being closed. These are human beings.
    Kudos to Sheriff Dart for his efforts.

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