Jim Ruddle on ‘My Name is Luke’

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The cover of 'My Name is Luke.'

The cover of ‘My Name is Luke.’

Former newsman Jim Ruddle joins Rick Kogan to chat about his new book, “My Name is Luke.”

From the book’s Amazon website: “On a quiet day in 1858, two desperate men hijack  a schooner from a Massachusetts harbor. Trapped aboard his grandfather’s boat is 15-year-old Luke Constance. He is a normal kid who plays pranks on the townsfolk and has a crush on Agatha, his classmate. But Luke is not ordinary—very well versed himself, he reads aloud to workers in small, local shoemaking shops. And he knows more about sailing schooners than most seasoned seamen. Told by Luke with wry humor and a teenager’s sense of fun, this extraordinary adventure confronts the sea’s wrath and men’s foibles and the violent rage of both. In the end, Luke needs every bit of his wit, learning, and resourcefulness to survive.”

Click here to purchase the book and listen to the interview below.

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