Emails Show Emanuel Aides & Producers Coordinated CNN ‘Chicagoland’ Scenes

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It turns out some scenes of CNN’s documentary series “Chicagoland” were coordinated by Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s City Hall and the show’s producers. There were more than 700 emails between the Mayor’s office and the show’s producers.

Carol Felsenthal the Political Writer and blogger for Chicago Magazine joined Patti Vasquez with reaction:




  • Jean Anderson

    Why are we changing the daytime schedule? Can't imagine why Gary Meier is going to FM-he was the brightest spot of the day and made my drive time enjoyable. WGN can never get it right, you lost many listeners when Branmeier came aboard and finally got some of them back with Steve Cochran. Now you oust Gary Meier and change things again. I may just have to find another channel to listen too.

  • Nancy B.

    WGN radio lost me as a listener when you had Brandmeier on. I gave him about a 6 month shot but found him to be extremely annoying. I glad that you got Steve Cochran back but now you have moved Gary Meier. I have been a listener since I was in grade school but probably won't be any longer because i looked forward to listening in my car and when I got home. Gary , Elton Jim Steve B. and everyone on Gary's show were the reason why I listen to WGN. I am a huge Blackhawks fan and usually listen on WGN am but I will watch on TV from now on. Put Bob and Marianne on the other format. There boring anyway. Gary is fun and interesting Just when you think WGN has it right they screw things up. When Gary and company is back i'll listen again.

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