Saturday Show 1/4/14 Hour 4

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  • Deanie DeLap

    I have WGN oon 3 radios in my house, 24/7. Have called in 2x's. . Began listenting when Steve and wife had night show and never left, was good to hear them again this past week. BUT I just saw photos of everyone and wow!!! Nick you are so handsome!! Too bad I will be 82 on the 9th of Jan.
    You were speaking about people you can't stand the other night and I agree about Bolton, sounds like he's trying to take a you know what on the potty. One I cannot stand is Guy Fierei. He is on every show imagineable and even now a tums commercial…
    I don't know how I would get by without your 24 hr. station…You keep me going!!!!

  • Eva Kosmicki

    AND THAT'S WHY WE LIKE WGN RADIO…….(I'M Deanies neighbor, don't have a computer and use hers……she has me "hoooked oin WGN as well!!!!

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