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Don J. Snyder discusses life, work and the story that still defines him

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Rick Kogan sits down with Don J. Snyder to talk about his extraordinary life and work. As a child, Snyder never knew that his mother died 16 days after giving birth to him and his twin brother. It was his father’s secret — and it would become the story that defined Snyder’s life.

Snyder is the author of multiple novels and nonfiction books, including his newest, “Walking With Jack: A Father’s Journey to Become His Son’s Caddie.” In the memoir, Snyder tells the story of his effort to connect with his son by moving to St. Andrews, Scotland, and learning the tricks of the trade from the world’s best caddies.

In this wide-ranging conversation, Kogan and Snyder discuss how he became a writer, why he moved halfway across the world to get closer to his son and how he finally discovered who his mother was —  and how she died.

In the beginning of this interview, Mavis Staples talks about her preconceptions of white people in a clip provided by “Jubilee Showcase.”

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