T.J. Shanoff on ‘Lanyard Skynerd’

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T.J. Shanoff and Ed Furman’s new show began with a two-word joke: Lanyard Skynerd.

“My writing partner Ed Furman just said, ‘Hey, listen to this: Lanyard Skynerd,” Shanoff told Rick Kogan during an interview on “After Hours.” “He pitched it as a corporate show…but we thought, wait a minute, this is more than a corporate show. It was a joke. He pitched it as a funny couple of words and it has become one of our all time favorite projects.”

Lanyard Skynerd takes aim at Southern Rock, parodying some of the classics (some of the comical parodies can be heard during Kogan’s interview). The show runs at 7:30 p.m. on Mondays through October.

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