Steve Cochran returns! (hour 4)

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  • Ann Wilson

    What a Great Surprise to hear Steve back On WGN……As a school bus driver,he & Spike were alway's my Fav's,never missed their show's….Hoping to hear Steve permanently!

  • sue mascari

    I have been a loyal listener for year to WGN radio as a kid my mom always had roy lenard and wally philips on the radio as I became an adult it was WGN all the way with Spike and Uncle Bobby and Kathy and Judy and Steve Cochran and the farm guys – I even warmed up to John Williams and grew to enjoy him too.! That was the best and then you made all the changes and I am now a wbbm listener and try to catch Steve on in the afternoons when I can. I came across Steve this a.m. and I was shocked and thrilled. Brandmeier is obnoxious and crass and living in the past he needs to go away and grow up. Brng back Steve and get some class back on the WGN air ways. I also loved blue eyes Roger T with weather and Tom Skilling is the best. Bring back Steve full time will be a step in the right direction! Who ever got him back on this week is some who needs to be promoted and given a big bonus!!! KEEP STEVE COCHRAN

  • Tim Rasey

    Steve Cochran needs to be the morning man permanently, and get rid of that moron Brandmeier! I can't stand him! I don't know what WGN was thinking of when they hired him. He's an absolute idiot!

  • Kara

    Thank you so much! Steve Cochran’s familiar voice is a welcome & much needed relief from Brandmeier’s old 1980’s schtick. I mean seriously….Buzz Kilman? Cochran brings intelligent, articulate conversation and adult humor back to morning listening at WGN…a long time listener, my radio has been turned off at 6:08 am since about a month after Johnny B hit the airwaves there. He
    was fun in 1982 or thereabouts, have since outgrown him. Hopefully your program directors hear whats being said and make the change permanent. Best of luck!

  • Carolyn

    WGN needs Steve back! Two of us at work swore off WGN when he left. We might tune in again. We'll be checking him out for sure this week.

  • Chris

    Please get this snoozefest off the air. Not funny, not entertaining, not informative, zero style. Johnny B. Get back ASAP, this 'experiment' has gone on waaaaaaay too long … with Garry and JB out WGN is off my dial, period. If you're going to get a Steve make it DAHL! But then again, I'm not 90 years old and I have a sense of humor.

  • Shaaron

    Thank heaven Brandmeier is gone, if even for a little while, and replaced by Steve. So glad to hear him again on GN. Now I don't have to go hunting all over the dial during my morning commute to find something I can stand to listen to. If only this were permanent. And something needs to be done about Garry Meier, too. He can be very good but something's happened to him lately – he's just become so junior-high-silly. Cochran knows how to do that mix of serious and entertaining at the same time and, when he had the evening commute, that was great. Wind up the day getting the news you need and some sane commentary but, also, some good wit. Spike was on mornings at that time so the day started and ended well. As I said, now I'm roaming around trying to find something that doesn't make me grit my teeth. Welcome back, Steve!

  • Sierra Joy

    I was SOOOO thrilled to hear Steve Cochran in the morning instead of that clown Brandmeier. Steve is smart, funny, and very well informed. As long as Steve is on in the morning, I won't be switching to 780. Thank-you for bring a pro back on the air.

  • Frank

    I have to agree with everyone saying how good it is to hear Steve Cochron I am able to listen to WGN in the morning I used to love Johnny but I guess I grew up and he didn't. You need Steve in the morning!

  • Tom

    What a wonderful surprise. Just recently I reprogram the buttons on my car radio when I discovered Steve on WIND. I'm kind of OCD with that type of thing and always program the buttons in order of dial frequency. WGN is now back in the #1 spot! PLEASE keep Steve!

  • Katie Killelea

    WOW!!! I turned on the radio and stood staring in awe. How excited was I. Sure would be great to add him back to the line up.

  • Ali

    Steve Cochran you ROCK OUR WORLD!! Become a permanent part of WGN and watch the ratings grow. We have not been able to tolerate the mindlessless of the self-absorbed JB morning show. WGN… PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR FAMILY!!! We want to adopt you as our station once again. Rebuild it… and they will come.

  • Becky Brennan

    As mentioned in other comments, it was a pleasant shock to hear Steve Cochran's voice last week. I turned up the volume to make sure I was hearing correctly. And I stayed tuned all week including today to listen to him – my TV stayed off and the radio stayed on! THANK YOU for bringing him back – PLEASE keep WGN listeners happy by placing him in the early a.m. slot. Steve is sharp, funny, smart, good interviewer, warm & fuzzy & lovable. Do the right thing WGN!

  • Jane Russell

    Thank you, thank you for bringing Steve Cochran back and I do hope and pray that it is a permanent move. Johnny B needs to go "bye-bye" I really liked Greg Jarrett also. I felt that he was a very intelligent gentleman who was delivered so much insight on a great variety of subjects I wish that he was back also. Why have Orion and Max been cut down to the early morning Saturday show and no noon show? Even the city folk enjoyed listening to Orion and Max. Maybe with Steve joining us it will be the beginning of a transformation. Lets hope so. To tell you the truth, we have only listened to GN for the Mike McConnell show as of late and with Steve in the picture, we will continue to check to see if he is a permanent fixture. Lets hope so

  • Charles Cretors

    Steve has brought me back. —When Garry Meir showed up I started to stray to other stations. When Elton Jim started to yuck yuck yuck like Butt Head I turned it off. I listened to Jonathon Brandmeier for about three weeks before I got sick of his infantile (13 year old boys in the washroom) sense of humor. In addition Mike McConnel is one of the best I have ever heard but not on during my drive time. I am glad I found out he has much more airtime than when I left WGN. Steve and Mike address serious subjects with serious relevant interviews and are entertaining at the same time. How do they do that? They are a real pleasure to listen to. It is great to be back.

    • Nestor

      Good call on McConnell and Cochran's ability to address serious subjects though McConnell has too much dead air when he interviews guests as if he is searching for the right question to ask. Steve has a smoother delivery and not as dismissive. Gary Meier is a joke and cannot speak intelligently to serious matters and Brandmeier is too glib.(both rely on inconsequential news "events" from overseas and small towns that attract the lower-common denominator-type listeners and irrelevant to the loyal long-time WGN target audience) Gary Meier was better when he was second banana to Steve Dahl and just complains too much about everything. Rather listen to Buzz Killman than Brandmeier..

  • Ella

    How wonderful it is to be able to listen to WGN radio in the morning again! I've been a longtime listener of WGN radio but had to change stations because listening to Brandmeir was like hearing nails on a blackboard!!! Keep Steve on in the morning!! So glad that he's back!!

  • TheBean

    Such a shock and pleasure to hear Steve today. I thought I was dreaming at first! Thank you WGN for extending that opportunity to Steve, and to Steve for taking it after he was so rudely ousted. It made my day to hear you, Steve, and I'll turn on the radio at 530 tomorrow morning and listen til I'm at work at 8. Thank you, thank you! Steve is clever and humorous, to the point, generous. I have missed his show; listening him you broadcast online from St Louis is not the same.

    I hope Johnny B is having an amazing trip, a wonderful time, and wants to extend it indefinitely!

  • Barb

    Good to hear your voice I hope they find a good place for you . Maybe 10 to 3 would work for me

  • Carol Price

    Steve!!!! It's so great having you back. Hope you can stay. Missed you. You look thinner in your picture than you did before when you were here. When I first heard your voice on, I thought Oh good, he's back. Then I heard you were just filling in for Johnny B. Surely there's a spot for you somewhere there. Well, it's good having you back.

  • Bob

    Sorry. I disagree w/ most. I would prefer Steve Cochran not be hired on full time. His opinions and comments most often "rub me the wrong way." Bob

  • Carol Morro

    I couldn't believe my ears when I heard that familiar voice this morning. I'd stopped listening to WGN when all those horrendous management decisions were implemented. Finally, someone got it right and invited Steve back. As long as he remains on the air at WGN you've regained another listener. Welcome back, Steve.

  • Demaris

    While searching for something to listen to last week, I was happy to find Steve Cochran back on WGN radio. Steve embodies that great mix of being entertaining while informative. After many years of faithful listening, I tried to adjust to the numerous host changes the station made, but finally gave up when Jonathan Brandmeier came on board. Please bring Steve back, and I will set my radio to WGN once again! (Sorry Jonathan – you seem like a nice guy, but I can't listen to only "silly"!)

  • Gayla Kerby

    I also was glad to hear Steve starting last week. I have also turned off my radio at 7 Am(6AM) and have gone to TV news when I get ready for work. I live in St. Joseph, MI and walk listening to Bill Leff but when Johnny B comes on, the radio goes off. This type of programming may be OK for other stations but not for the lineup of a GOOD station like WGN. My mom is from Chicago and I have listened to WGN most of my life. I miss Spike, Steve & Johnny, and John Williams and others that I have heard over the years. I guess I am looking for a family feel for radio, I know this is not for everyone but there are ALOT of stations on the air that you can get crazy programming. I like the human side to the hosts. I will forever remember when Steve let all of his listeners join him in his journey to find his mom & sister. I have adopted siblings and my parents were foster parents and it meant a lot to hear how emotional this was for him. That's "real" radio and it captures the audiences heart. There have been other hosts that have had their moments too. That's what kept me at WGN. Thank you for having Steve fill in and I too would like to say let him be on daily.

  • Lynn

    So, I guess my radio goes off in the am when Johnny comes back. Hopefully that will change and Steve will return. Then my radio stays on .

  • Ted

    Glad to hear Steve in the morning…..would like to see him stay on in that time slot….I listened to John B. 30 years ago…thought he was great then….he is no longer my demographic…he would work better in an overnight slot. I switched to WLS 890 because I really do like Bruce and Dan…Keep Steve and I might split my morning tune in between Steve and them…The rest of your daily lineup is solid with Mike and Garry…nice to have Kap back at night too….and also…God Bless Orion..

  • Steve H.

    Bringing Steve Cochran back has given me a reason to turn my dial once again to 720 AM. After losing Spike, Steve, and John Williams, my radio stayed on FM most of the day. Now it's tuned back to WGN and Steve Cochran. Make it permanent, PLEASE!

  • Ann

    I have really been tuning in to listen to Steve, he is mellow but very funny and talks about great topics. I wish he were still in the line up -how about shortening Garry's time (he is annoying and only complains or makes fun of people). Since you dumped Kathy and Judy several years ago, Steve has been the only funny guy since. Keep him!

  • barb larson

    At last I can listen to morning radio with Steve Cochran and it is worth listening to I don't have to change radio stations to avoid Brandmier and the nonsense. It was so good to hear political and current news topics that interest me as I work and on the morning drive. Finally a good decision by this station and something of interest to all of us who have been faithful listeners all these years. Barb

  • Aivars

    It was a treat listening to morning radio with Steve on these last couple of weeks. Looks like Monday I'll be switching again. Johnny B doesn't fit the morning slot. It would be nice to have Steve in Johnny B's slot, it would make more sense.

  • Jackie

    So happy to hear Steve Cochran's voice on WGN am again. He should replace Brandmeier. Johnny B. is so loud and obnoxious. I do not listen to WGN until 10:00. I love Mike and Garry. Replace Johnny B. with Steve, otherwise a great line up.

  • Marge Culbertson

    Please keep Steve!! Johnny B is much better than that clown they had in there after John Williams was booted from the morning show – I stopped listening for 2 years. Johnny has been fun, but STEVE IS THE MAN!! He's funny and intelligent, and keeps me up on current events. Johnny B is a really good cheeseburger and fries….Steve Cochran is prime rib, baked potato with the works, and chocolate mousse for desert!! Just sayin' !!

  • Linda Zidrich

    I enjoyed Steve in the I Wish he would be replace Johnny B., Then I would come back to wgn in the morning.

  • Verna Hurley

    How cruel to broadcast a segment with Spike O'Dell. I miss him on the radio in the mornings. I had my clock radio set to come on at six so I could catch Spike every day. Yet it was wonderful to hear his voice. Thanks to Mary for bringing up the hummingbirds. He didn't mention his dog. Wondering how the dog is. He was such a presence in my mornings, I really miss the routine.

  • Barb Galovic

    I was thrilled to hear Steve back on WGN. Please keep in on. He is the BEST one. I don't listen any more because I can't stand the early morning person nor the late afternoon one. What a nice surprise to hear Steve was back on.


  • jody

    I really enjoyed Steve. I think He should replace Johnny But don't let Mike McConnell go. He is the best on WGN radio now.

  • Ann

    I listen to WGN Radio all day long and it sure was a nice surprise to hear you back on the radio. WGN – BRING COCHRAN BACK!!!

  • john

    after reviewing all of the posted comments which overwhelming suggest removal of johnny b I question if wgn mgt reads these comments

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