Steve Cochran returns! (hour 3)

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    • Kathleen

      I agree with you, Nancy, and everyone else in bringing Steve Cochran back to WGN. Can it please be permanent? No longer do I listen to WGN in the mornings/early afternoons. I turn to WGN when Gary Meier is on.
      ALSO – why isn't Brian Noonan (and Andrea Dardis) on with David Kaplan anymore? No offense to David Kaplan as I am a fan of his but I do miss the chemistry of the trio. Does management have future plans to give Brian his own regular show-not just Sunday evenings on? He is fun, funny, bright and a true Chicagoan!

  • Terry Sidlow

    Agree with Nancy. If Steve were the am host, I would abandon WMAQ and return to WGN. He and Gary Meier are the only personalities that generate loyal fans.

  • Carol

    I was so happy to hear Steve this morning, had to check that I had the right station on, thank you!!!!

  • Paula

    So happy this morning to hear Steve. I am one who doesn't listen anymore
    until Gary Meier comes on and then I leave WGN on for the rest of the day. Where is Brian Noonan now?? He is the BEST!

  • Alice B.

    Steve Cochran has great insight and humor and would return many listeners to WGN in the morning if he would get this spot.


    DO NOT MAKE THIS TEMPORARY!! GREAT ti have Steve back. Should have never been let go in the first place! I think a show in then10 AM to 3 PM slot would do wonders for WGN and their sponsors.

  • Michelle

    I agree with all the above comments. At our shop we never took the radio off WGN but lately we rarely listen. Whoever is making the decisions needs to wake up, you let to many great personalities go. Realize you made mistakes,apologize,pay them what they are worth and let us listeners have our radio station back. I truly believe Steve should have went on after Spike retired. Whover dropped that ball needs to move on.

  • Ann Winckler

    Just LOVING the morning show,,AGAIN, thank you Steve Cochran & thank you WGN RADIO for bringing him back to us! Please find a way to keep him.

  • Bonnie Marchiniak

    I was so happy to hear Steve Cochran back on the radio again. What a refreshing change to wake up to a program I want to listen to. I no longer turn the radio off as soon as I wake up. I was a long time, all day, listener to WGN until the last few years. I agree with the rest of the above posts, I turn the radio on again in the afternoon to listen to Gary. Hopefully, WGN is realizing the error of their ways and will again bring good listening to our ears.

    • Terry

      Boy, do I ever agree with Bonnie. I stopped listening to WGN when all of the changes started taking place. The permanent change took place after Steve Cochran left. I then heard he was on WIND from 5:00 to 7:00 PM so I started listening to him at that time but my mornings are tuned in to WLS. I have the radio on at least ten to twelve hours a day and I love talk radio but not the way WGN had changed. If you want to start having more listeners, you better start making some DRASTIC CHANGES. My radio dial was always set to WGN before. I can honestly say that I never changed it. I happened to put WGN on this morning because I heard that Dean Richards has a good show on Sundays. Am not sure when I heard that Steve was back filling in for Jonathan Brandmeier but it sure made my day. Will be listening tomorrow and for the length of time Steve will be on. Please keep him on.

  • barbara bianchi

    what a surprise Steve is back I was a loyal listener and all of a sudden the "GIRLS" were gone. .Sad day for all of us. I didn't think it could get worse ..then Steve was gone I seemed to cut out my listening time to WGN Wow I'm back !!!! Steve is hear again What a pleasure I would like to know his schedule so I can listen again toi WGN

  • Mark Lee

    With new management and Steve there is hope for GN, it was getting late and listeners were bailing out by
    the numbers.With telephone call quotas and no talent people it was sinking fast . Gary M was the only savior
    but if they put Steve in that no talent girls spot mid day WGN may be on it's way again. Maybe I can leave my radio on again all day

  • Eleanor Langton

    Thank you for bringing Steve back. You are all heading in the right direction. I have been turning to WBBM for the morning drive and then back to Garry in the afternoon. Steve is funny but he has a brain that he uses. He can be serious when necessary and includes the rest of the staff with their comments. I get my new with Andrea, traffic with Mary and everything else with Steve. How great it is to be back to WGN.

  • Ann Belzone

    I agree that it is now a pleasure to wake up to Steve Cochran and not Johnny B. I no longer shut the radio off as soon as it comes on. We also miss John Williams. Let's return to GOOD RADIO and bring back both Steve Cochran and John Williams

    • JWaym

      My sentiments too except that also bringing back Kathy and Judy with Steve and John would make WGN our favorite station again.

  • Mary

    Love hearing Steve Cochran in the AM! Can't he stay please? It's been a joy listening to so many of his old guest & friends! I look forward to the 6:00am hour now :)

  • Judy

    I agree with the above comments too. I stopped listening to WGN from 6- 10 because JB is so obnoxis.
    Not funny and boring

  • Jan

    Love Steve hope he stays this time nice fit for WGN. J.B. good but would do better on a comedy station, that seems to be his calling. Like all the other callers loved GN until all the changes. Mike is no dummy love it when he pins a caller down. He is a very smart man. Noon show lady needs to go, boring. Garry, the best, he is a keeper. Rest of the hosts top of the line. Long time listener.


    Used to like JB but I have grown up! Steve's mix of humor with insightful interviews is great! SOO glad to hear him again!

  • Terri

    It was such good news to hear that Steve Cochran was on the other day. Looking at the comments you've received, it sounds like lots of people would much prefer to listen to him in the morning than be assaulted by loud, crass, 'all about me' programming when they wake up. Steve has a sense of fun, but is also a though-provoking interviewer. I have been a WGN listener since I was in grade school (my mom listened all day and evening), but programmed my radio alarm to another channel when you brought in JB. WGN, you're better than that (at least you were).

    Please make the fill-in a full-time position.

  • Celine

    Excited about Steve . Put him in mike spot. Mike argues and does listen unless you agree with him. Is it just me but hasn't mike been nicer this week? He worked on Friday of a long week-end, perhaps he is worried. He should be. Nice to see longer air time for Nick D, love him.

  • Sue

    LOVED hearing Steve again! Please bring him back! He is thoughtful and insightful with topics that are not just silly time wasters (and that are drawn out much too long in the mornings).

    I might point out that he also actually listens to his callers opinions!

    Thanks for making my holiday week a great one!

  • Louanne Greitzer

    I agree with most of the comments above! Since Johnny B. has been on, I no longer listen to WGN until
    10AM. Please bring Steve Cochran back!!

  • LaRae Thies

    It is sooo good to have someone on the early show that makes sense. I haven't listened to WGN much at all since all the changes were made. I used to turn it on and listen all day — TV wasn't on until the evening. WGN got rid of some very bright, talented people — Steve Cochran, Cathy and Judy, John Williams, Milt Rosenberg, and Steve and Johnnie. Now that was a good line up — no need for TV until evening. I also think Nick Digilio should have his Sunday show back.

    It would be nice to have people on your station who actually listen to callers and be open to a discussion even if they don't agree. I'm very tired of some of the people on WGN taking calls, then hanging up and going on to point out how wrong or stupid the person was for having their opinion. As smart as Milt is he didn't do that.

  • Mary Paul

    Really Glad to hear Steve Cochran back on WGN. Finally have some one with the personality do talk to and with the people. Have missed that for a long time. Hope he can stay on . I have listened to this station for over 50 years. And have you have lost most of the good common sense that use to be on. Bring it back. Thank You.

  • Ann Belzone

    It's so great to hear Steve Cochran again in the morning. Please tell me that's it' not going to end next week when Johnny B. comes back. We want Steve in the morning.

  • NCWaber

    Never knew how great Steve Coch.ran was until Brandmeier took his place. Get rid of Jon B and bring back Steve permamently. Funny & intelligent can't beat it.

  • Donna

    I agree with All the above comments. I have been a WGN listener since Wally Philips. When Jonny B. came on in the AM I stopped listening to WGN . The only program I. Listen to is gray Meier. If you bring
    Steve Chochran back a lot of listeners will return .

  • Katherine

    Agree with all the above comments wholeheartedly!!! Definitely can't stand JB in the mornings – Steve is a breath of fresh air and his down-to-earth subjects are wonderful, meaningful and insightful. Please bring him back to the morning show PERMENANTLY~~~

  • Hakarded

    Please keep Steve in the morning. It's been very nice to have an enjoyable program. Johnny B's juvenile humor has no place on WGN. I (and probably most of your listeners) have enjoyed this much needed vacation from Jonathan Brandmeier. Today's WGN is a shadow of its former glory when it was the undisputed King of Chicago Radio. Making Steve Cochran the permanent morning host would be a big step toward reversing your slide into mediocrity.

  • RickM

    Please keep Steve and spare us from anymore waking up with JB. He is irritating for all the time it takes me to switch the station.

  • Ol' Muddy Rivers

    It’s such a joy and treat to hear Steve Cochran back on WGN radio. He’s funny and has a brain. I used to listen as much as possible to his show in the afternoon. Thank you WGN radio. Please bring him back permanently. I love JB and Gary, too. I don’t know where you can fit him in the day schedule, though it would sure be great. He is just a great host.

  • Michael Grandziel

    he never should have left!! This guy, is witty, smart, funny, and he is one of the best ever on the radio. Please WGN, I am a life long listener, fine him a spot ASAP!!!! I think he would be great from Noon , till 3 pm, or have him take over Mike Mc Connel's spot.

  • Gigi Shortall

    I accidentally stumbled onto the info that Steve was back on WGN…and immediately turned the radio on! Hooray… I have not listened to WGN on a regular basis since you got rid of Kathy and Judy, Steve Cochran and John Williams. I had listened to WGN daily since Wally Phillips, Roy Leonard, etc,…and of course loved "Uncle Bobby"…. JB is juvenile, obnoxious, egotistical and just not talented. He really should live in a house of mirrors with lots of microphones so he can do what he loves best…admire and listen to himself….CANNOT listen to him and know I am far from alone in this observation! I have TRIED to listen to Mike M., and Gary M……but find they are too opinionated, condescending and do not listen to their callers, and are sometimes downright rude. If WGN brings back Steve Cochran on a regular basis/time slot, preferably the morning drive time, you will not only have this one time very loyal listener back, but many in my family and large circle of friends, co-workers, neighbors and acquaintances. WGN has stumbled greatly in their programming decisions the last few years… I hope they are finally waking up and have seen the light. Thank you, thank you for bringing back Steve Cochran…. Next challenge, swallow your pride and bring back "the girls".

  • S Davidson.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It is GREAT to hear Steve Cochran on WGN radio again. Keep up the good work. Hope you will still keep Brian Noonen on the air as well

  • Nancy

    The first morning Steve was on I nearly cried. I was so happy that I didn't need to change the station from WGN to WBBM. I ran around the house and turned on every radio in each room so that I would not miss a word Steve had to say. He interacts with other staff members and he is family. J.B. has turned more listeners away. I turn the radio on only to hear Mike and then Gary.
    Please leave Steve in the mornings. Your ratings have to have gone through the roof since his return.
    I also miss Kathy and Judy, I was a true "Girlfriend".

  • Marshall

    thought WGN did something smart! but alas, have gone to your competition. I'm a downstate farmer. miss noon Ag show, John W., Max, kathy and Judy, Don't listen much any more to you except cubs . At least they are the same show! What I really miss on those long days of tractor jockeying is listening to Uncle Bobby, temstra (sp) and trouper link, Laughed my ass off, Thanks for the memories. Bring back steve C.

  • Tom

    Yes, I can now listen to WGN in the morning with Steve. Can't you just make him the permanent host? He's such a pleasure to listen.

    In defense of Johnny B. Love him but not in the morning. I actually have been listening to another radio station in the morning until Steve returned to fill in.

    I'm still, and always will be, a "Girlfriend." Can't you bring them back and get them off Social Security?

  • Rose

    Congratulations WGN! You brought Steve C. Back! I was listening to the Bill Leff show, getting ready to change the channel at 6 am, and there he was!!! Steve Cochran was back! Thank you WGN!! Thank you Steve Cochran! Congrats on your daughter getting married. This house is just glad you are back!! Best move yet WGN! Keep Steve!

  • Gladys Fioretti

    So glad I can enjoy WGN in the morning again. Keep Steve on with Andria Darlis. Love them both.

  • danmac349

    Great to have Steve back! Gary & Steve for drive times!!! I have quit listening to WGN a.m. since Brandmeier. Leff is good too, a real keeper. Kid of the week was neat idea but becoming a bit of a snoozer.

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