Steve Cochran returns!

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Hour 1: Steve recounts his last day at WGN three years ago, takes calls from elated listeners, talks sports with Dave Eanet and David Kaplan, and more.

Hour 2: Steve considers Edward Snowden’s options in seeking asylum, and welcomes WGN legal expert Karen Conti to discuss the Aaron Hernandez murder case and George Zimmerman trial. Plus he tries to get Dave Eanet to call him “cracker.”

Hour 3: Steve pick’s Rick Pearson’s brain about the latest on Jesse Jackson Jr., the state’s efforts to fix its pension mess, Illinois’ final conceal carry law and the potential field for the Governor’s race. Afterward, Coach Q visits the studio with Stanley Cup in hand.

Hour 4: An old friend calls in from Nashville, Robert Channick explains the Tribune’s purchase of a large number of TV stations, and Tom Skilling talks about the extreme heat wave scorching the west coast.


Steve Cochran


  • Jan

    Love Steve Cochran. Please get rid of Brandmeier. Absolute stupidity and nonsense. Grade school gutter talk and I can't stand listening to his sidekick laugh ALL THE TIME! I was a WGN listener but I change the channel when Brandemeier is on. Don't 'dummy-down' to get more audience. That's what you've done with Brandmeier. Really bad choice. I won't listen.

  • Mark Clark

    I tuned in to 720 WGN radio this week and it was like "old home week" listening to my favorite radio guy once again (Steve Cochran ) !!!!! What a treat ! I miss Spike & now John Williams too ! I couldn't leave the car because I was enjoying the show so much ! I hope they realize he's Mr. Chicago and they need to bring him back on the air in the morning !!!!!!!!! Letting Carlos Marmol go wasn't a mistake but; letting Steve Cochran go was !!!!

  • Mark Clark

    As long as I'm on the "soap box"; bring back Kathy & Judy too !I I miss the girls too !
    I now listen to 780 news all day because of all the bad changes the WGN management has made over the past two years ! WGN used to be like family & now they are like strangers to me ! We don't let strangers in our house ! WGN wise up fast !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jackie Carlson

    Thanks, Steve, for a WONDERFUL week of hearing you on the radio again. I've loved every single minute. Wish WGN would get their act together and keep YOU on the air. You're entertaining, sane, fair, and make sense. I truly, truly hope you get to come back on a permanent basis!!!

  • terry

    I can only hope you get Steve back regularly . I will be back if he is back. Thanks for getting him back , he should have never left.

  • Barb Zee

    Can't we PLEASE get Steve C. back on full time, and just forget about Johnny B!!! Steve not only is funny, BUT handles intelligent conversation beautifully.

  • Anne

    So thrilled to hear Steve Cochran is back. Now I can turn my radio on before 10:00 to listen to WGN,. Can't stand Johnny Brandmeier.

    Now if they would just bring back Kathy and Judy !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Judy

    Hopefully, this is not the last that we will hear from Steve! Find time for him-how about the morning shift? Great to listen to WGN again!

  • Anns1

    Really enjoyed listening to Steve Cochran these last two weeks. Please put him back on WGN radio permanently.

  • Chris

    Steve Cochran is wonderful to listen. Love his voice. Brandmeier's is grating on the ears and his "humor" is on the level of a 7th grader. Bring back the intelligent humor of Steve.

  • Luanne

    Great to hear Steve Cochran again on WGN –or as one idiot refers to it, "the big G". Hope management takes a good look at the line up and finds a permanent spot for Steve. I spent the last half hour laughing at the replays from his first day, and the conversation with Spike. It was like a return to the good old days. Haven't listened to WGN since John Williams left, but a friend called me and told me Cochran was on and to turn on. Hope to hear more of him.

  • Debbie Mendralla

    I am so glad you are back Steve ! Guess WGN realized what they had lost anD sure your buddy Kap is smiling!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kev

    Great job putting Steve Cochran in the morning slot.

    WGN With Steve back "WE GOT THIS".

    Don't let us down.

  • Karen Dondlinger

    Haven't listened to you station for a long time. By accident I turned in yesterday and was happily surprised to hear an intelligent professional on the am drive time. Unfortunately it was his last day so back to my alternative station.

  • Barbara

    These past 2 weeks with Steve on in the morning has been fantastic. He is a bright, intelligent, interesting guy. There's got to be a permanent place for him on WGN. Don't let him go again!!!!!!

  • SUE B


  • Ex listener

    Please keep Steve Cochran in the morning slot. After listening to WGN every morning for for 11 years, I had to stop when Johnny B started. He is so annoying I couldn't take it. Steve is great. Would love to listen to Steve in the am or on the drive home.

  • Kathy

    I was a WGN listener for over 30 years when they let Steve go. I moved down the dial when Johhny B came like many listeners. I happened upon Steve one morning and was elated! He is so intelligent, funny, and is not overly opinionated. If he becomes a permanent host I will return. I only listen to games and the wonderful Lou.

  • Linda

    I truly enjoyed listening to Steve these past 2 weeks. My typical morning routine is to give Brandmeier a try and soon enough he gets on to a ridiculous tangent and I change the channel to WBBM. I’d rather listen to news than the “dummy-down” (so appropriate) conversations between Johnny B & Buzz. They lost their fans before in Chicago and they haven’t changed. We can only hope that he’ll get another offer from LA.

  • Linda D.

    Welcome Back Steve! It was hard to catch you on the other station, but at least we were able to keep in tough! I wish you were on every day..we can only hope!

  • ejostes1

    I was glad to hear Steve again. Johnnie B is okay in the morning but I'd much rather hear Steve than Garry M. in the afternoon.

  • Beth

    I agree with most of the above – as soon as I hear Johnny B's voice I change the station. Same with Mike and Garry's sidekick – one word from them & I'm gone. I love your news, traffic, weather, sports & weekend but switch channels as soon as they are over. Cochran is a step back in the right direction. Get rid of the stupidity & you might get me back.

  • Laura

    Great to hear Steve back!!! Please replace Brandmier with Cochran – it was what you should have done when Spike left…..

  • docfps

    What on earth is wrong with the managerial staff of WGN?? You bring Steve Cochran back, tease us with him for a few days, and then pull the rug out from under us and return Brandmeier to the morning slot. Have you looked at the ratings for the morning slot recently?? Read the comments on this page – nine out of ten are asking you to please fumigate the morning slot and put Cochran there instead. Do it and I'll bet the ratings will go back up. Want another viewpoint? Go to

  • mfbrooker

    Welcome back, Steve!!!! As a 50 year listener of WGN, I, and many others obviously, have had a hard time adjusting to many of the incredibly inept changes the station has made these past few years. When I heard your voice, it was like Christmas! I even called and spoke with you. My plea: WGN, PLEASE find a permanent place for Steve. He is in the same league as Wally, Bob, and Spike. Good luck, Mr. Cochran!

  • Mar

    So great to hear Steve again – and what a relief to NOT hear Johnny B! Finally getting some intelligent people back on air. Bill Leff is a great "interviewer".

  • Hugh

    Mike McConnell needs to go up the dial to 890 AM. He would fit in good with Rush. Bring back Steve and John Willams. Johnny B. retire and give some new talent a chance.

  • Guest

    I was so happy to hear Steve Cochran back in the morning. It is a pleasure to listen to him. I had given up on WGN in the am except for Lou Manfredini. Hope you can keep him in the morning slot and he seems to have a great repertoire with the women he works with.

  • Rue

    Great To hear Steve we really missed his humor. I wish he could replace Mike Mc whatever his name is
    Mike is so crabby and I can never agree with his point of view. I turn on music after Johnny B is over. Johnny adds a lot to mornings very nice , funny. and gets my day off to a good start! After Johnny B I don't listen to WGN until Garry comes on. Another favorite at our house, love his show too.

  • Colleen

    Steve again :) Please, give him back a show and get rid of Mike McConnell. Steve is so much more interesting, entertaining and thought provoking all at the same time. Mike is just noise in the background until I turn on Pandora. Then I come back when Gary is on. I look forward once again to WGN, in the hopes of hearing Steve. Please, more Steve!

  • Mary A. Carr

    I previously thought that Cochran was the worst thing that ever happenwd to WGN Radio, then they introduced Noonan. Now I know that Cochran is only the second worst. Why would the powers that be think that old,washed-up, hack comedians make good radio hosts??? Bring on more Nick D.!!

  • DeBorah

    Just happy to have Steve back, wish he were back on the morning spot. Don't like Johnny B, I feel like he's back in the 80's..

  • marianne

    OH so glad you're back. Really missed you. Hope you get much more air time. Thanks for all the great programs you have given me

  • Kim

    Just read the changes taking place at WGN in the Tribune. Thank you. Why is Mike O'Connell leaving? Sirott and Marciano are pretty bland.

  • Sandra

    It is wonderful to have you back in the saddle at WGN, Steve. Thank you to the new management for finally listening to the audience and bringing WGN radio around to the station we all came to love and listen to for the past 20 years or more. May your reign be long and prosperous.

  • Ken S

    The management is getting there head out of there AS? and putting WGN back where it belongs. We have not been listening WGN very much for the last 3 years because of the changes. We did listen to John. Glad you are back Steve.
    Will you ever preform at Governor State again was a great show and was wonderful to meet you wife and mother

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