Food fight: Blogger at war with mac & cheese

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  • Katrina

    So glad this is getting so much attention! I would have never given my kids their products if I knew it had poison in it! Thank you to everyone that signed the petition.

  • Ashley Nelson

    Vani, you are my hero! I am so proud of you and your courage to stand up for our ignorant nation! Yellow dye #5 causes an immediate reaction to my three year old son. Even a simple kiss of lipstick from his mama containing this dye on his skin causes a rash! I have only been fighting this fight a year. I struggle with the lack of dye free alternatives. I am a huge fan of yours and 100 days of Real Food! Please let me know how I can help y’all in Scottsdale, AZ!

  • Dana

    So glad to hear this! Thank you to this radio station for airing. I wish every radio station in the NATION would air it!!!!!!!! Vani – you're my hero!!!!!!

  • Marion Crutchfield

    All the work Vani does and dye is getting attention. What about the fact that organic corn on the cob is basically non-existent…I guess its one battle at a time and any baby step is a step forward.

    • Val B.

      That's exactly it, Marion! It will take many of us, chipping away bit by bit, to fix our food system. A lot of baby steps = big changes. I love organic corn on the cob, too. :-) I have to get in season from local farmers.

  • Jessica

    Great, great interview! THANK YOU Radio 720WGN for giving this the time and attention it deserves. I hope it gets to the ears of many listeners!!

  • C. Solomon

    WELL DONE Vani!! You are so articulate and knowledgeable about your subject. I really admire your gutsy approach. Keep fighting for us all Food Babe!

  • Chrissy

    Oh man, that was great! If only it were KRAFT that she was talking to!
    We need to set up some a podium and see the great debate between Kraft and Vani. My money is DEFINITELY on Vani!

  • Stephanie H

    Thank you so much for heading up this fight for our food source and our kids and the generations to come!!! I agree with another commenter… we need to go after GMOs too! I am a huge supporter of what you are doing. Making calls and comments at Kraft since this hits close to home for me as well. I have a son with ADHD who looses it when eating foods with Dyes and HFCS and a daughter who is allergic to preservatives. My experiences with my kids have made me super careful about the food my family eats and the chemicals all around us.
    I hope that other companies are paying attention and taking notes! Americans don't deserve to have poison in our food.

  • frank dicostanzo

    Vani,you are a riot.I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed listening to your interview.I am from Chicago,now living in florida AND HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING YOUR BLOG FOR SOME TIME.You are the best.

  • heidi

    It must not be hitting their bottom line hard enough. I guess the people who are asking for no change would be the people still buying it. Don't get me wrong – I am with you 100%.

  • Susan Lind

    Great interview! Thank you, Vani. Let me repeat what I said several weeks ago: 1. Since Kraft is only looking at their bottom line $$$, we MUST NOT purchase their products. Pass the word and encourage your friends all across the US to boycott Kraft. 2. We need to put pressure on the FDA to stop pandering to lobbyists and consider the citizens they are assigned to protect.

    • brittany

      I think most people who support this petition already avoid Kraft products, which is why I'm not sure what affect a boycott will have. YMMV.

  • nlove

    I do my best not to support these big food giants by not purchasing their products, unfortunately many restaurants use the "blue box" Mac n' cheese. So many American kids are fed these chemical versions of food every day.

  • Vivian Lovlein

    I never bought it, my children never had any blue box of Mac n'cheese. All you have to do is to look at the box and read.

  • Hana

    For decades, the dyes( not just yellow but the reds) gave us extreme negative reactions. Today we scrutinize labels and try to avoid the "fake" products.. So distressing…almost a lost cause to locate the "real" foods on the market. Do appreciate your effort…thank you! i am on your band wagon! Please do not give up.

  • Deirdre

    Vani, a wonderful airing of the issue, and thanks to the radio people too. Kraft USA are PITIFUL and arrogant. Presumably their yellow dyes are cheaper than putting real food in their products, so Kraft are CHEAPIES as well as dangerous, producing such food. Their products should be boycotted by all. Macaroni cheese is easy to make, so make time to enjoy your own, hopefully without yellow dyes in the cheese you use? As you more or less said (harking back to Hippocrates) 'let food be your medicine'. The less said about the FDA the better. It is time we all alert ourselves about what shouldn't be in our foods and protest protest protest.

  • Deb M.

    I am so proud of you Vani, and had I paid closer attention, I would have drove over to Kraft on my lunch hour to cheer you on!

  • Tom

    Wow, if Kraft is putting petroleum in macaroni and cheese, what else is it shoving down our throats?????????? Reckless companies like this one have gotten a pass for the longest time, selling us "food" that makes us sick, drives up health care costs, and diminishes us as a nation. And what's this about Kraft ponying up $10 million dollars to basically bribe the FDA? This should be a wake up call for everyone. And everyone who has this product in their cupboard should stuff every box of it into a shopping bag and demand their money back from their friendly neighborhood grocer. But it shouldn't stop there. People must demand that Kfaftbe upfront about what's in our food, not only with Macaroni and Cheese, but also other products that it produces, especially products that contain GMOs. We want to know. We deserve to know. And we demand to know. Right on, Vani!

  • Nancy Olds

    Vani- I am one of the petition signers and I am mightily proud of you for facing Kraft Foods with these tough questions! Is First Lady Michelle Obama listening?

  • Judith

    Both of my youngest daughters were diagnosed with ADHD and both of them had the misery of taking meds that I now realize that they DID NOT NEED. They both stopped meds and eventually dropped out of high school due to issues that I am convinced stemmed from what they were eating. Since that time, we have stopped eating all processed foods. I am not just boycotting Kraft Mac and Cheese. I'm boycotting Kraft PERIOD. No more money from my family until they hear their wake up call regarding the dyes and the GMO's and other garbage they hide in our food. Food Babe, we love you. Thank you for giving moms/dads and grandmoms/granddads and everyone else that cares what they feed children or eat themselves a VOICE.

  • Steven Hart

    The average American has no say in what we eat or drink anymore due to Gov't organization being bought by Big Business. Congress is also bought by Big Business in the form of Political Contributions. Even our Supreme Court is now being controlled by Big Business. The Constitution is no longer in effect unless Big Business wants in place. This is proven by the fact that The Supreme Court, Congress and FDA due as Big Business wants and not is in the best interest of the populace.

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