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Folk singer’s shows cancelled after anti-gay remarks

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Folk singer and born-again Christian Michelle Shocked stirred controversy after her anti-gay remarks during a recent show in San Francisco. As a result, many venues cancelled her scheduled shows, including Evanston’s SPACE. Turi and radio host/author/Episcopalian minister Ian Punnett (formerly with WGN Radio) discuss the religious reasoning behind the singer’s hate-rant, and Punnett advises how to manage one’s anger in a relationship with God.


Michelle Shocked (Chicago Tribune photo)


  • Urs in Schweiz

    Get real people! We are all created in His image. He made us this way! So look at the most recently found (and authenticated) scrolls in Egypt," The Gospel of Jesus and Judas" which states:

    “(The Gospel of) Jesus and Judas contains numerous details regarding Jesus’ personal life which are not to be found anywhere else,” says Dr. Jones. “For instance, we find the following:

    'And he appointed twelve, whom he also named apostles…so he appointed…Judas Iscariot, whom he loved most dearly, whom he lay with as husband lays with wife, and who betrayed him.'

    The appointing of the Twelve Apostles follows a narrative that is virtually the same as Mark, except for the part telling us that Jesus and Judas were lovers.”

    Religion is not a-la-carte. Religious zealots should either accept ALL of it (and us, gays) or find a new religion.

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