Petcast: Chicago Dog Show

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If you enjoyed Westminster, and if you are in the Chicago area – you can check out the comparable International Kennel Club of Chicago Dog Show, February 23-24 at McCormick Place. As Susan Olson describes, this show is more than the beauty contest we see on TV. I will be there announcing the Group Competition and Best in Show on Sunday.

But what goes on during a dog show. How is it all figured out? What do those judges look for. Carmen Battaglia, renowned dog show judge offers a lesson in Dog Show 101.

The Veterans Administration has withdrawn their support of service dogs for returning veterans with post traumatic stress disorders. Veterinary behaviorist Dr. Karen Overall offers her dismay, and explains why. As an advisor to the U.S, Military, she is particularly qualified to speak on this topic.

Dr. Gary Norsworthy talks about a smart campaign called, Have We Seen Your Cat Lately, to better understand why some cats aren’t seeing the veterinarian.

Certified cat behavior consultant Jacqueline Munera says sometimes your cat may not be feeling well, even may be in pain, and you might not know it. Signs of pain in cats is the topic.


Lisa Hall, of Lawrenceville, Ga., grooms Draven, a Siberian husky, at the 2012 International Cluster of Dog Shows hosted by the International Kennel Club of Chicago at McCormick Place Lakeside in Chicago on Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012. (Keri Wiginton/ Chicago Tribune)


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